ColorChallenge- Tuesday Orange - Winter

3년 전

This is my contribution to # ColorChallenge by @kalemandra.


In the winter time, you can see fire pits all over the Edmonton. People can warm a bit while they walking on streets and visiting events.


I took this photo of Edmonton Legislature building this past weekend.


The Ice can't warm you up. But it can be orange.

Have a nice day.

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Absolutely stunning pictures ..perfect for tuesday orange colorchallenge..thanks for sharing

You chose the right pictures for this challenge
Thanks for sharing it with us my friend

Fantastic post with beautiful pictures Thank you for a happy night

That's interesting @cyclamen. Are you saying that there are fire pits like that dotted around the city that people can stand around?

i like the fire orange.

Very nice photos. I like the fire place!

a good post my friend .. I am very happy when you visit my blog once a friend yes

I loved the last photo!

wow ...
A stunning longekposure photo. but that drew the last photo. I like it.

Fire also includes very good colors.

wow,,,,very nice photography,,,i allso like fire...

That's so amazing that they put fire up around the city for people to warm up, such a nice idea! Love the last shot!! I can't quite make out what it is but I love all the colours!

Such amazing multicolored ice! It is beautiful!

  ·  3년 전

photography with good color, good luck friend

How does that ice in the last photo look like that with so many colors?


They have lights set up behind the Ice.

very good pictre what a csolore combination this is.