Dlike Contest - Win 5k Dlike Tokens For Blue Color Challenge by dlike

3년 전

Hello steeminas!

Welcome to next episode of dlike contest. Today we are starting contest for #colorchallenge of Blue color. You can submit photos and art work that focus mainly the blue color . Most eye catching and creative photos or #arts work will be considered as winners. Photos or art work must be original content

Dlike Color Challenge Contest For Blue Color

This contest of #colorchallenge for blue color will run for 4 days till Sunday

Rules for participating in Dlike contest

To take part into this contest, follow given rules

  1. You must post it on dlike.io to take part in contest 
  2. While posting on dlike, you must use #colorchallenge as community and #dlike-contest as tag 
  3. Number of entries (posts) is not limited
  4. To be eligible for winning this contest, you must Resteem, Upvote and Comment on this post

Contest Prizes

Like each contest we will be rewarding 3 winners as following

  1.  Ist position will get 3000 dlike tokens
  2. 2nd position will get 1500 dlike tokens
  3. 3rd position will get 500 dlike tokens

Apart from three winners all contest participants will win 250 dlike tokens each.(If you do not Resteem this post, you will not qualify for reward)

Winners will be selected for most eye catching and creative entry by dlike moderators.

Update On Red Color Challenge

Our previous color challenge was started last week and HF20 update came in the way so that contest could not go smoothly as many users were unable to send their entries. So we have decided to close that contest without winners and have decided to reward 300 Dlike tokens to each of the participants of red #colorchallenge.

Thanks to Our new Sponsors

We are thankful to our sponsors for new delegations. First of all special thanks to @taskmaster4450 for updating Sp from 500 to 1000 and then thanks to @awesomegames007 for updating his delegation to 100. We are also thankful to @city-of-dresden for delegating 359 SP and @vimukthi for 100 SP. Dlike is now effectively at 25k SP which 25% of our first target of 100K SP. We invite you all to delegate spare SP to Dlike as we are trying our best to utilize your delegation in true sense for #minnowuprising

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Delegate Your SP to Dlike

We are giving daily tokens equal to amount you delegate to dlike.

If you delegate 1000 SP, you will get daily 1000 dlike tokens (paid weekly on each Monday) plus 5% beneficiary reward plus instant bonus tokens.

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I love blue💕 I like to participate this challenge.

Colorchallenges are a bit difficult to find solid shots for sometimes but i think I have a good one for this.

good information

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I am very pleased with another contest. Thank you for this opportunity.

Love your challenges 💕🌈 Thank you for organizing it!

Good contest

👍Interesting contest, thank you

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Nice contest

I will participate😊

Cool ! I will join for this contest

Nice contest.

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Great contest

I love dlike contest,I will be submitting one
Thank you dlike,you.are giving life to steemians.

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How much time I saw. I still have time to take part.

I will gladly take part.

Great news!

Nice contest

  ·  3년 전

I will be participating in this contest as well... blue is my fave color.

It's a good color challenge I wana join.Thank you @dlike for keeping me alive.

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