📷 ColorChallenge - Wednesday Yellow

3년 전

This is my entry for #colorchallenge Tuesday Orange. #colorchallenge is a contest initiated by @kalemandra.

Today I went out to take pictures of the lady's mantle plant „Alchemilla“.

Lady's mantle is a genus of plants within the rose family. The species are common in the Old World in Europe, Asia and Africa and thrive mainly in the mountains.

20180530_095813 Kopie.jpg

20180530_095858 Kopie.jpg

20180530_095849 Kopie.jpg

Original content by @elevator09. Camera I used was my smartphone samsung S7

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I like Yellow and I read some how it boots my appetize


Good money in friend votes

This plant contain a lot benefits. It is used to treat many problems like inflammation and digestive problems.


Beautiful and amazing .. Creativity
Thanks for the pictures, good for you
Thanks for sharing..


Thank you very much

Man those portrait images looks great ... ;)

wonderful images


many thanks

Hello, very beautiful photo, you can see the freshness of the plant


Thanks for the kind words

Nice photo! It looks so fresh and that makes my feeling fresh, too.


thank you

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very beautiful color challenge! thanks


many thanks

In Chinese culture, colors contain five basic elements, instructions, and four seasons. The yellow ground and the center (in connection with the direction) was attached. China has not seen anywhere around the world, which has got a significant significance on yellow. It was the color of the emperors during the Ming family and the Qun family. Huangdi also known as the Yellow Emperor, is considered to be the founder of Chinese civilization, due to the number of inventories during his reign.


Good to know

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Nice photos. I liked the first one the best!

This yellow flowers look stunning. Amazing photography

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Beautiful flowers, love the colors and the detail! I painted flowers too if you want to see





thank you very much

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DEAR, would you like give me a thumbs-up too?

Beautiful pictures! @elevator09


Thank you very much

So Fresh. It makes my eyes fresh. Thank you

Thanks for sharing and infos!

Good work. Keep it up.


Thanks! Yes I will keep it up

omg what a photography...just awesome...
and i like yello...yellow is my favorite color...this is very lovely photo...


Many thanks for the kind words and glad you like it

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Beautiful nature excellent post

That is awesome details in the pictures.. The flower part reminds me of hops for making beer..looks similar..

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I love nature!! Nice colors in your pics!


Thank you