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Popularly known as Lily, Lilium is a bulbous, perennial herbaceous plant with scaly bulbs

The Lilium and its ornamental trade

The Lilium is a very important plant occupying the fifth place in the ranking of the most sold flowers in the world, behind roses, chrysanthemums, tulips and carnations in order of importance. To this we must add the markets, although more testimonial but to take into account, that they have as an ornamental plant grown in a pot and in gardening when it is used as a bulbous naturalized plant.

Its large flower cut market is not casual, as it is a flower that is highly valued by the consumer given its quality and ornamental possibilities in its different applications.

Internationally, Holland has a monopoly on the production of Lilium bulbs for their different crops (cut flower, potted plant or for use in gardening), whether they are made in their own country ... or as a direct influence as a direct operator or indirect in other countries such as Japan, the United States, France, etc.

Care of Lilium as a potted plant.

If we acquire or plant a Lilium in a pot, we will enjoy it as an ornamental flower plant. It will last us much longer and we can recultivate it year after year.

We will place it inside the house with the greatest possible availability of light, so that the colors of its flowers do not lose intensity.

It is a very simple crop that hardly requires care. Simply periodic irrigations avoiding that the substrate remains dry and fertilizing with a fertilizer type 18-12-24 more microelements at the doses recommended by the manufacturer.

Once their flowers have withered, their stems can be cut just by the first leaves below the flowers. After a few weeks we can reduce the risks until the whole plant is dried.

When the plant is dry we can dig up the bulbs, clean them and keep them in a dark and dry place until early spring or early autumn (depending on the variety), in which we will replant them.

For their new plantation, we will bury them about 10 centimeters but with enough soil underneath (at least 20 centimeters) so that their roots can grow properly. The suitable substrate, given its rusticity, can be a "substrate for indoor plants"

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