Colorchallenge- Red monday Dahlia

2년 전

Dahlia- red beauty
Originally from Mexico, dalia or gherghina (Romanian name), as it is said, is a particularly beautiful flower. That is why we will meet it very often, especially in the country houses, but also in the city parks. Dahli can be dwarf, with a few centimeters of stem, but can also reach 1.5-2 m high. Their flowers can be simple or beaten, round, or with sharp petals, colored in white, yellow, many shades of red or of purple. Dahli are also loved because they bloom from June to October, or even later, until the first frost, embellishing the gardens with the richness of colors and flower shapes.


White Dahlia means gratitude and respect, which recommends it to be given to parents or people to whom we have a duty of mind. Yellow Dahlia is a flower of love, and the red flower expresses the burning longing for the loved one. For the Aztecs, flower means warlike power and tactical wisdom, being associated with blood, life, and vitality. It was the flower of heaven, thanks to her yellow disc, but to those in this world. Europeans sought to use it as a medicine before discovering insulin, using it to prepare a kind of diabetes specialty sugar.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful flowers from my grandmother garden. I love them!


What I used for this photos:
Xiomi Redmi Note 4X- HDR mode

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