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The meanings of indigo color

Indigo color is characterized by a very high vibration frequency and among purple and gold is considered to be a color that expresses spirituality, elevation and an intense search for absolute truth.

Indigo is a sort of blue that represents the superior combination of intuition and spirituality, which allows direct access to wisdom. This color refers to superior compassion and to the state of peace and inner peace. Indigo gives a human being a state of hypercluence and especially a sense of responsibility, which implies the clarification, lucidity, and discernment of the proposed goals and, of course, the necessity of their realization.

Indigo exerts a beneficial influence on the human body, generating purifying, calming and sedating effects.


Physiological effects of indigo color: deep sleep, hibernation, reduction of metabolic activity.

The psychological effects of indigo color: retardation, transcendence, exemplary introspection, introspection, extraordinary impression of deepening, ecstatic fullness, acceleration of thought, fusion and immaturity, maximal creativity.

Indications of indigo color:

  • sexual abuse / nymphomania / erotic obsessions,
  • nose and ear disorders,
  • asthma,
  • lung diseases,
  • bronchitis,
  • cataract,
  • Infant seizures,
  • delirium tremens,
  • demented senile,
  • serious mental imbalances,
  • disillusionment / deception,
  • exorcisms,
  • granulating the eyelid level,
  • hallucinations,
  • inflammation of the eyes and ears.


Therapeutic effects of indigo color

Indigo color has a wide range of therapeutic applications, being astringent and anesthetic. This color greatly stimulates the activity of the thyroid gland.

Indigo color is indicated for cases of obesity, migraines, sinusitis, bruising in the ears, diminishing or loss of taste or smell. In addition, indigo color favors good internalization, helps in meditation and accelerates spiritual evolution. Indigo color acts as a purifying agent for the circulatory system. At the same time, indigo color is a very good mental release and an extraordinary refining factor that allows profound psychic and subtle control.

Indigo color combines admirably the intense blue of devotion and clear, lucid thought with the highest aspects of a shade of red stabilizer. Because of this, indigo color combines great power with immediate efficiency.

By assimilating this color in great quantity, light beneficial changes can be made at all levels of being. Indigo color makes it possible to awaken and amplify the spiritual vision. From a spiritual point of view, Indigo's color is considered to be the reflection of the holy spirit.

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Hello dear friend, I think a very authentic color that can express many things. It's a pleasure to hear from you. Greetings.

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