Colorchallenges - WednesdayYellow

2년 전

This beautiful sunrise in yellow was photographed on 11 July 2018 on Glenmore Beach, Hibiscus Coast, South Africa. My hubby used his Samsung GalaxyS6.


If we look at the color chart below, nature outshined the colors on this chart as there is not such a bright yellow on the chart as on my photo. I will just call it bright yellow.

There is not even one that comes close. Which color do you think comes the closets?

1color chart sunrise.jpg

My description would be a bright yellow ring around a brilliant light ball against hues of a gold and fire backdrop. The flaxen almost match the sand on the beach!

Nature is just awesome, time after time! Praise God!

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Yes, nature is unique and in my opinion man made comparisons will not match with nature because nature is live art and its colours are so natural and so breathtaking that, in every moment it will refresh us differently.

And this picture is making an effect where it's reflecting as few people are standing below the Sun. And i hope that you too enjoyed this beautiful scene of nature.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

You see the sun and feel the Son in the photo. Thanks @hope777


Hi Troy! thank you that is such a great comment.

Nature is really awesome 👏. Thanks for sharing. I had problem opening steemitchat, below is the byteball link referral link.


Thank you @maxdevalue. I must make time to do it. Blessings!

What a beautiful capture! Makes me want to BE on holiday!