ColorChallenge Sky Blue Friday : My Photography Collection

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Hey ! My Dear Friends & Fellows

I display a wonderful accumulation of the photographs and need to take part in the present #colorchallenge contest hosted by @kalemandra and many other steemian. Its very interesting and wonderful activity.

It is about the photographs which I venerate a great deal and which helps me to remember extraordinary recollections, #colorchallenge, I trust you like photo and unwind your psyche. I cherish this stage and it urges me to contribute time and cash, in this intriguing stage I began to have companions and it's amazing. I went for broke of taking these photos however I didn't lament.


Source : google searching.

Sky-Blue is a colour which is associated with intellect and spirituality. It has calming effects and helps one to sleep better. While light blue is the colour of serenity, calmness and peace; blue conveys importance and confidence. Sky-Blue is also related to Joyful.

Source : google searching.

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So I am grateful for your appreciation and Supporting,

also update your kind Feedback.

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Well its my fault and i apologised on it. I m not fully trained and also not accepting down vote. Moreover Its my steemit acct devalue.

Very nice bunch of flowers.

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very nice pic

The blue and white is very reminiscent of Greece and the Greek flag!