ColorChallenge - Friday Sky Blue

4년 전

No skies for today, but you must admit that color is nice blue anyway.


The price tag for this one is 160K CAD.

I forgot to buy a ticket; again.


And here a different beast from the past.
Which one do you like more?

Another weekend ahead. Don't waste it on some stupid thing. Time flies.

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Beautiful Lamborghini :)

If I had enough I would definitely get the second one ! Even if the first one is also beautiful of course...


Definitely cheaper. You can still see some of these oldies here. People like them.

Thanks for

With this first car I could ride in blue clouds. I wish to you a good Friday and a good time over the weekend @oldtimer P.S.
There is no snow here, send us some nice picture from Canada :) tip! 0.1


I'm waiting for some sunny days to get some good shots. Have a good weekend too.


Thanks my friend

Im far from being a piston head but I wouldn't mind a spin the first car!


Oh yeah. Same here.

I like this old car :)

Both are legendary. I would pick first one, you?

I would like to go for the first one.

Nice shots :) Old will always be gold, nothing can beat the good old whole mechanical cars, ever! Do you have an old timer?

Also, have you heared about the history of Cuba and their car culture? :) Thought you'd like it

  ·  4년 전

Amazing post really nice & mind touch blog😁..I like this👌.Re-steem😍😍

Nice @oldtimer and i like post you..resteem

This is a not an easy choice but I'm going to say the Lamborghini because I can sell it and buy a house and a Chevy! Great choices for the challenge!


Smart move.

Blue car beautiful

Mamma Mia that's a beauty of a car ! I choose the Lambo :)


Even blue color fits good for it.


It definitely does !

Very nice post, and I really like the first car... it is a nice shade of blue.
You should remember to buy a ticket next time... :)

ahaa perfect :D

Definitely the old one for me!

A friend of mine has a car museum and owned just about every sports car there is. I have driven some... ok, its a thrill and the acceleration feels as if you are always in first gear. But they are annoyingly loud and as comfortable as a brick...

The oldtimer has charme... looks like cuba :-)

The first one is really nice of course, and probably 20 ot 30 Years ago I may have gone for the first as a dream car, but these days I would much prefer the classic in the second shot so much style and class back then

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The old beast from the past is beautiful. Well taken care of.