Colorchallenge: Sunday Purple

7개월 전

Two weeks ago I became the happy owner of long violet afro braids, my long-desired hairstyle. By making afro braids, you can double our even triple your hair length thanks to the synthetic fiber which is braided into it. Besides its extraordinary beauty, it has a number of other merits: it stimulates your own hair to grow faster, protects it from the hostile influence of the environment (ex. sun, wind, dust) and causes way less damage than hair color products. It's so cool to wake up in the morning with the hair totally ready for going out, without having to detangle it every 5 minutes (my primary hair trouble). You can wear the braids about 2 months, then it is necessary to remove them to comb the old hair out and give your own locks some rest. Let me warn you: the first 5 days create a lot of discomfort. It's hard to find a good sleeping position, and your scalp may get quite itchy.

unnamed (1).jpg


A closer look at braiding process.

unnamed (2).jpg

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