ColorChallenge - Friday Blue - Sand Harbor Beach

2년 전


This photo was taken At Sand Harbor Beach in Incline Village, Nevada. Sand Harbor is directly on Lake Tahoe, and it is gorgeous! We would not recommend swimming in it though, since it the water is super cold in early June.

Thanks for checking out our #colorchallege ! What are your favorite areas in Lake Tahoe?

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Wow, you showed a fantastical picture. How much serenity and beauty in a photo, in a place. Apparently Nevada, it is a place of beautiful landscapes. When you say how cold the waters are, I can not help remembering when I stepped into the cold waters like the ones you describe, in an equally beautiful place in the city of Merida, Venezuela; it was like feeling thousands of fine needles piercing my feet. I can not even imagine what it would be like to bathe in so cold water


Thank you! We tried going in the water, but it was just too cold! We saw a scuba diving class in one part of the lake and they were all wearing thick wet suits. Based on images that we've seen, Venezuela looks like it has some stunning natural scenery! We thought the water would be warm there - interesting.


Yes, it is really interesting as in coastal places you can also find cold waters. But here in Venezuela you can find warm places and other colder ones. In the orinete of my country are beautiful beaches and a radiant sun most of the year, but there are areas where the cold is present, you will find fog and even snow at some times of the year. That is, my Venezuela is full of diverse landscapes.