Color is not a challenge in Cartagena

2년 전

For anyone interested in visiting South America, I really recommend heading to Cartagena. If you do go, stay in the old city which has some of the most vibrant colors I’ve ever seen (Havana is up there too). A few things make Cartagena special for me:

  • the food
    The best ceviche I’ve had so far. Extremely fresh and really affordable prices. You can grab a dollar mango in the streets or a fresh empanada and just walk around. If you want a list to of places, I’m happy to share but definitely hit “la cevicheria”
  • it’s clean
    Very well maintained. The streets are super clean. I remember going last year and the only thing in the gutter were flowers...c’mon that’s your trash? 💐
  • the people
    People are so lively and happy that it’s infatuating. I have never danced so much and I am by no means a dancer!
  • the colors
    Flowers, buildings, doors, fruit, traditional attire... you name it, the colors are just as vibrant as the people.
  • its safe
    Police are everywhere..beware, they will stop you too..and if you get caught with anything it will be expensive 👀
  • very walkable
    What amazed me was the ease of walking. Everything in the old city is within a 10min walk and you can drink in the streets. Great combo for me!!

this is just one of the walls you would walk by...
more to come once I download from my camera

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This post has been upvoted and resteemed. I started following you to see more of your work.

I understand that Colombia as a whole is beautiful, and hope to make it there one day. I had some friends from Barranquilla, and they would go on and on about the beauty.

Спасибо, что рассказал мне о Картахене! И такая интересная фотография. Я хочу такую ​​стену для нашего дома) Конечно, я поддержал запись!

  ·  2년 전

love to vist cartagena scholbz looks amazing thank you

With love,

harj : ) xoxo
Abstract artist

Sounds great! I'll put it on my Sout America list :-)

Wow! That's a really good observation

beautiful post beautiful message

Takes me back, what a wonderful city!
Enjoy your travels!

Sounds like you're in love with the city, @schulbz! The best promotion for potential visitors!

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