Color Challenge - Tuesday Orange

3년 전

Morning light in a smoke filled sky.

Morning Light-1.jpg

Forest fires burn every year in British Columbia. Some are stared by nature and others by discarded camp fires or cigarettes. Waking up in this hazy orange glow was a very strange experience. The winds had blown the smoke from the burning fires in the interior of the province to the coast and change both the setting and rising suns.

The sun sets were almost non-existent and disappeared so quickly in to the grey haze.

Setting Sun-1.jpg

These scenes are very picturesque but be careful out there, forest fires can impact hundreds, even thousands of live. If you see one please report it.

Thanks for reading.


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nice sunset

Great work as always mister, I have been checking your account quite often as of lately, This is also why I invited you to the minnowbooster whitelist about a week ago.

And succesfully so, since you were actually allowed ! (as you can see in your wallet)

Just wanted to drop by and let you know I like your work very much


Nice Post and great photos.

What a landscape and light is beautiful.
Nice capture. Thanks for sharing

Wonderful Views bro ❤ @scorrdphoto

I like the 2nd picture it is awesome.

Stunning! A place most definitely on my bucket list! Great photos 😍👌

Wow scenery is the best master.

talent the best your have

well bro tueday is your. what a master piece you have captured with orange color. This is really foxy mind's post.

sorry for using foxy

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vary good sunset photography, The scene is very nice. thanks for @scottdphoto

Amazing color, so lively it actually makes me (almost) taste an orange flavoured candy.

Careful with those wild fires!

Wonderful photos..

beautiful view...... great photoshoot @scottdphoto