Cretan blue and My friend the wind by Demis Roussos.

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In just a couple of weeks we will be heading for greece again. This time will travel to a litlle town in the northwestern part, close to Albania. We have visited Parga once before and we are really looking forward to this, especially when we know what a great destination it is.

My first fridayblue Picture is captured in Creta, on Gerani Beach close to Chania. The Island is called Agii theodori.


Chania harbor.

I thought it would be appropriate to share a song by the greek number one music hero, Demis Roussous along with this challenge. This is the sound of holiday, this the golden voice of greece.

Efcharisto pou perasate!


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I must say Greece is a very beautiful place to be
The photos are clean and beautiful
The country side astonishing
And of course the music is superb
What a place to visit

I wish you lovely time in Greece and what a perfect choice of music. :-)
I must admit I have not heard that song for a very long time. Thanks for sharing, it brought nice memories to me!

I'll visit Greece for the first time this summer. Can't wait!!


You wont regret. Parga is so beautiful, follow my blog and you will understand why.

fantastic photos! I will be on the lookout to see what you show us in Greece, it will be a good holiday, thanks for sharing them ...

Awesome scenic beauty in both the images.Hope your journey goes very well.The 1st shot is more amazing .

wonderful photography and fantastic views, i like this
upvote and resteem

that's really beautiful to explore and see wow that's something so interesting :D

Amazing photographs and combination of videos makes your blog the best,great to see you again after a long gap sir.

mind blowing photography sir

mavilous photography greece is a lovely place upvoted brother @solbadans

Wow what a splendid view, earth and sky colour is matching and its presenting a fantastic view.

Nature as its best.

Great photography and phenomenal perspectives, I like this

upvote and resteem

Marvelous points of view, I like this, upvote and resteem

Delightful view. Decent photography. Nature is demonstrating its magnificence, you caught it superbly.
upvote and resteem

Mind blowing and gorgeous photo shoot sir
resteem your post

I should state Greece is an extremely delightful place, The photographs are spotless and excellent. resteem

Nature has its own specific manners of inspiring individuals. Astounding photography. Love to see the photos of oceans and deserts.

just amazing photography Brother

Creator creation is really great.This is really a place which remind me to creator.

This is so beautiful sir thanks a lot for sharing i really love it so much such a beautiful place it is.

OMG, What a beautiful place. Perfect photograpahy!

  ·  3년 전

Perfect photography, I wanna visit Greece and take amazing photos like this.

What a beautiful view. Nice photography. Nature is showing its beauty, you captured it perfectly.

Nature has its own ways of motivating people. Amazing photography. Love to see the pictures of seas and deserts. Great catch and have fun. Cheers

This is most beautiful place i have ever seen sir is this norway?

Cretan blue is amazing sir thank you so much for sharing.

I wish you a holiday, Greece is a very historic city and certainly one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Like photography @solbadans

wow the first one is just eye catching
beautifuly captured
how beautiful that place is
cool music

man i want to visit that place right now!
just awesome

Greece is awesome holiday spot sir thank you so much sir for sharing such a lovely pictures.

Thank you for the wonderful photos and videos.
I also love the songs of Demis Rusos.
Like this one.

Happy holidays, Daniel.
Good mood and new achievements!!!

It´s a wonderful!!!

I love IT!