ColorChallenge - SaturdayIndigo, Star🐠

3년 전

Puerto Galera is a known tourist destination in Philippines mostly visited by Filipinos in the time of holidays. There are beautiful beaches, also a white sand beach. The nature is protected by laws, fishing is limited. There are protected species in the Aquarium area and in the Giant Coral Reef area.

I have got this starfish in Aquarium area, with beautiful indigo color it meets the needs of today’s color challenge  🙂  

Don’t stop believing, your turn will come.

Thank you everyone for passing by 😘


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@taica Terrific write-up. Certainly This is often truth in each individual state..

it's original or toy @taica


It's alive, after I took a photo I put it back to the sea @riskaa


wow , never seen a blue one

Very nice shot my friend. Keep up the good work!
please upvote and follow me i really need help growing on steemit..