Color Challenge-Friday blue -Carcross Blue Sky And Water

4년 전

Hello Steemians
Here is a photo that i took at Carcross in the amazing north west of Yukon in Canada .
It was originally called Caribou crossing by miners on their way to Dawson city for the Klondike gold rush in 1898 .


As a side note , if you get the chance, then you should watch a tv show called "Klondike".
It Stars Richard Madden ( Rob Stark from Game of Thrones ) and its one of the reasons i went half way round the world to visit Dawson city.
Absolutely one of the most beautiful and untouched places on the planet.
Kudos Canada , your country is both wild and beautiful.

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interesting work


Such a great part of the world, its a photographers dream.

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Hi @tradetotravel,

I'm @joshua-golbuu, or Josh for short and I just joint @TeamAustralia / #TeamAustralia a few week ago (I moved from the islands of Micronesia to Australia to study and live here).

I just wanted to drop a note to say hello.

Nice pic keep it up @tradetotravel.

I don't have many recent post because I just finish my last exam Friday, but I very much like to get to know everyone in our team. Hope we will meet on Steemit.

here is my re-intro with more details:

Peace ✌ & 💖 love!