An update on my status on Mothers Day

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G'day and hello everybody,long time no update from me....Sorry for that and the wrong tag/saw it too late...and somehow can't change it anymore....won't accept it...
Happy Mothers Day by the way..

I started a new job and with a 4.5 year old boy,spring finally here and old friends to meet which I haven't seen for years,going fishing,there are more important things in life for me than writing blogs here on Steemit.I can't take and won't spend hours in front of my PC as I did when I stayed in Thailand.Life was easy going then..cha cha...,hope you guys understand that??!!!
It won't mean I will not write/post here on Steemit,but not with such a frequency as I did before....I'm sure you guys figured it out already...

Those pictures are just a minute walk from the construction site I'm working since early January 2018.People spend their holidays here in Summer where I hang out for smoko and lunch(depends on the weather)



view to Wilen.jpg

maxon motors.jpg

Maxon Motors became known to a broader public when its products were chosen by the NASA for the Mars rover projects Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity.
The story goes what I heard that NASA wanted an American product,but no product was good enough,so they came and asked MAXON.They just pulled a motor out of their shelf,easy as that.


Those pictures have been taken by myself,@urs
Camera: Sony DSC-HX90V

I hope you enjoyed it.A couple of links if you are interested....

Thanks for visiting
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Wow these photographies are amazing :)

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thank you very much for your comment and upvote....

Thank you for sharing beautiful photo.I m inviting you to check out my latest blog,I know you will like to see this

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