ColorChallenge MondayRed -- The red bench at the lake --

3년 전

G'day and hello to everybody.New week and finally something from me.....It's been a while,since my last post from Luzern.Been busy with work and live in general here in Switzerland.
First,I wish you all a very good start into the new week.Hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend.Mine(ours)was alright and the weather wasn't too bad for a change...
We went for a little walk on Sunday (yesterday)and I spotted this red bench to sit on and relax......

red bench.jpg

The weather is too warm for the season.As you can see,there is no snow until up to 1500 meters over sea level....
Some flowers are already blooming and the grass is too green for this season...Time will tell,I reckon we gonna get some cold weather,once it should start to warm up.....
By the way,it was relaxing to sit on the bench and just watch the local scenery with a small part of "Lake Lucerne"

The picture was taken by myself yesterday
Camera:Sony DSC-HX90V

Thanks for visiting
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Thanks Urs, upvoted and resteemed. That sure looks like a place where it's nice to walk.

  ·  3년 전

No problem at all...thanks a lot is can walk pretty much all around it.....some parts are a bit harder,a lot of up and downs...(on the right side)

Hey Urs,
How have you been?.
Hope everything is going well for you .
I would have upvoted you but the post is 11 days old.
Seeya mate , all the best.

  ·  3년 전

gday Chris
thanks mate,im (we are) fine.hope you2?still in thailand and enjoying the warm weather?
im back at work in switzerland since january 2018...back with the old company where i used to work before i went to AUS.
all good,apart from the weather....still winter and cold....but not much snow here at the moment.
i hope everything is working well for you too...despite the drop in the markets....
wish you a nice weekend,cu later and all the best too



Nice ..yeah mate ,im back in Thailand and loving it. Hope the new house went well, all the best Urs.

  ·  3년 전

good to hear..its a good place to live...
on the end,it went well with the new house.there is a final post with pictures....i think part 9 or so...its been a while back already.....
wish you all the best too Chris and keep in touch.

It would be hard to leave that bench seat with a view like that, cheers mate.

  ·  3년 전

it isnt that hard to leave the place,despite the view...still too cold,you get a cold bum after a while...once spring,summer comes,you need some luck to grab a seat on those benches...thanks for dropping by....

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