ColorChallenge MondayRed: Red Powder on his back

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Is Monday again! And the #ColorChallenge for Monday is Red.
又是星期一!星期一的 #ColorChallenge 是红色。

As usual, I will attend the Thaipusam festival every year. This photo is taken on the year 2016, the people who redeem the vow to the god will put a red powder on his back (Heard there the red powder was a little anesthetic), and then hook the bearded needle on the skin as row by row.
每一年的大宝生节我都有出席,这是一张我在2016年时拍摄的, 还愿者在背上涂上一层红红的粉(听说有少许的麻醉成分),然后一排排的大钩针,顺着次序钩在皮肉上的特写。

Regarding vows, when the believers make a wish in front of the Murugan and they will make a vow at the celebration of the next year once the wish is fulfilled.

This looks really shocking but this is real. I hope you will like this photo.

My Gear and the camera setting:

CameraNikon D7000
Exposure Time1/8000 sec
Exposure Bias-3.7 step
Exposure ProgramAperture
Metering ModePattern
Flash ModeNo flash
Focal length35mm

~Proud of #teammalaysia #cn-malaysia

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Let my artworks tell you story through my lens.

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nice, upvoted


Thank you :)

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Thank you :)

excellent publication friend I liked it very much continuous asi greetings


Thank you:)




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  ·  3년 전

Beautiful photo, but it does look extremely painful to have so man,y sharp objects sticking through your skin. I imagine it's for suspending the body or something?


Heard there the red powder was a little anesthetic so that the vows will not felt painful.

That is one heck of an image. I like it. It reminds me of something along the lines of gore.


Many people felt that very painful when the sharp object stick on their skin.

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Thank you :)