Boom festival 2016

4년 전

The boom is a alternative culture festival, it takes place in idhana a nova (portugal), every 2 years during the full moon of August.

This festival has a very special atmosphere, due to the place and the people present during this one. With people from more than 150 different countries the encounters we make are really very rewarding.

Different styles of music are present, if we essentially found psytrance on the main stage, other styles such as techno, ambient or world music are played on many different scenes.
The festival also includes many other activities with places dedicated to conferences, yoga, an art gallery, a lush vegetable garden ...
The temperature during the day is very hot often 40 degrees but the lake allows the people to get refreshed. The space dedicated to the festival is immense, becoming very fun to explore and reserve many surprises for the adventurous.

I took few photography during this week so here are some of the few decent pictures I kept.


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aaah this looks amazing @memeskitchen
i'm going to visit boom one day myself :)



See you there in 2018 ;)

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