How Useful Is It To Do High Kicks For Self Defense?

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Do you remember how much time you spent doing high kick as a beginner in your martial arts training?

Like any sports, you need to do some exercises and warm-up before starting martial arts training. We spend a lot of time doing high kicks. There is something that we do not talk about much. That is, how useful is it to do high kicks for self defense?

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If you participate in any fighting competition, doing high kicks are always recommended. You will get more points if you hit with high kicks. You can also do high kicks for self defense. You can kick to the back of the attacker's head. You can also hit in different parts of the body with high kicks.

You might be a little sad if you are told that high kicks are not very useful in different situations. You spend so much time doing high kicks, but you do not find it that useful for self defense. I think it depends on the situation and what you want to do.

You can attack your opponent from a distance. And your legs are the longest weapons. However, there are a couple of things you should consider before doing high kicks.

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When you do high kicks, your opponent can catch your leg if he is good at it. I know there are martial arts that do not focus on blocking while fighting. It is because you can kick more and get more points doing that when you fight in a competition. And they train like that.

If you learn martial arts for combat, you know how to block and catch the attacker's legs, and put him in a vulnerable position. So in a fight for self defense, if the attacker catches your leg, he can attack you instantly. And you do not want that to happen.

Instead, if you do low kick, it is difficult to see and defend that. When you fight for self defense, it is better to avoid high kicks. You can do high kicks and use it effectively if you like. Again, it is based on the situation. There are some situations where you cannot even raise your legs, let alone doing high kicks.

Thank you so much for reading this so far. I really appreciate your support and feedback. Please feel free to leave your comment below. To learn more about martial arts and self defense, you can check out some of my recent posts.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Talking about high kicks,i can do over head kicks but my balance and strong is not enough. :)


You can do basic exercise to get legs stronger. Doing kick preparation also helps a lot.


Yes i really need that because my legs always cramps everytime it was pressured.


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