I am the APOSTATE, Mr. Bacon, @frankbacon

3년 전

I don't even remember how I came to Steemit, really - not that clearly, anyway.

I know it had something to do with Mr. Frost, @TitusFrost, of YouTube fame. (He's also pretty famous on Steemit, I hear.)

I am also fairly certain that I had an argument with Mr. Frost on his YouTube channel about Freemasonry. He pissed me off one day, because he said something or other that I, as a Freemason - a French one, at that, took offence to.

I don't remember now what that offence was; for, I am quick to forget...and, quick to forgive.

Nonetheless, here I am on Steemit, thanks to Mr. Frost.

I have met some very interesting characters while here.

Most intersting of all on Steemit is this character named @frankbacon. He seems to be....omnipresent. I can't turn a corner without bumping into him!

Are you FOLLOWING me, Mr. Bacon?

If you're not, then please do. Just hit that FOLLOW button in the top right corner of your screen. (I think it's on the right, not sure now.)

So, Gonzo Journalism, eh? Stream of consciousness writing.

I dig the concept. How...1960ish.

I really do dig it, actually.

The only problem is, to go gonzo you need to be conscious.

Very conscious. Maybe even a little self-conscious, conscientious.

Aware, even.

Not just self-aware but, in good old French Continental Philosophical parlance, Other Aware.

The word 'Other' in this sense has a very special sense. It has a specific philosophical, existential, post-modern meaning - if one can safely use that term these days.

'Meaning' is another word that has a very specific post-modern feel to it.

You dig?

To ask 'What does it Mean?', means all kinds of shit these days.

For a perfect example, Google it: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/

You'll find nothing but shit there, I can tell you that! All it lacks is a bit of gonzo magic.

Anyway...where the fuck was I?


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Once again, when the going get weird, the weird turn pro. HST Mr. Bacon would appreciate a side of fries with this post, thank you. Great gonzo to you, eye-am, still crazy after all these years. PS



I don't remember how I too came to SteemIt, but it was on Purpose I know for certain.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 12.03.00 PM.png


Yes, I agree, that's so much easier than saving cash and earning respect. Haha!

Think some Sam at the Green Dragon is in order...