Some fun memes and what they mean to me

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Even since leaving FB for the most part (I still use messenger because many of my friends use no other form of communication) I find that I have a lot more time to focus on things that are a bit more important such as digging though the hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of memes that are created on a daily basis. They can't all be 10's but every now and then I find something that makes me laugh or impacts me in some other way.

Here are a collection of the ones that had enough of an impact on me that I bothered to save them.


I never had kids and although I did get close a couple of times I never got married either. Other than my parents and siblings I don't have any family members and that is not something that bothers me; I have plenty of friends that I talk to daily and I see many of them daily as well. I am NOT lonely nor do I regret not making a family of my own.

Many of my pals from college and high school live a very different life than I do as my days consist of doing whatever I want for myself and honestly, I am the only person I have to keep happy. Since I love videogames this is where a lot of my money ends up.

No ragrets.


A friend of mine recently reintroduced me to the world of edibles. The ones I use on occasion are cookies that have a certain level of maryjane in them. As someone who was a hooked smoker for about 20 years I don't like to smoke anything anymore so edibles are the only way I will have any weed. Lately i made the mistake of double dipping because I wasn't feeling the first cookie and about an hour later I was getting rocked by the first one and still had the second to look forward to. I got a take away pizza and headed home before they fully kicked in.


There have been many points in my life where I had jobs that were great, then jobs that were just ok, then jobs that I tolerated because the pay was good, and then there were jobs that I hated. One of the jobs that I was really good at but really didn't like was teaching English in Thailand. I loathed every single day of that job and later on I didn't really need the money or the work permit because I owned my own business. The school contacted me and asked if I would come "help them out" because a teacher had just done a runner (left after collecting a paycheck and just left the country because the job sucks.)

I did not want the job but it isn't fair to the kids to just not have a teacher. When I came back to this job they had NO power over me and when I wasn't teaching I simply left the school. The full time teachers would get fired for this but I knew I was untouchable since I was doing them a favor. So every day was a half day for me and if they ever threatened me with repercussions I just told them "ok, well then i quit."


This one is just funny. I can't really relate to it but I do like the guy's sense of humor. I spit a little bit of coffee out when I read it the first time.


This one is not funny but it does have a beautiful story in it. I don't have any kids but I do have a fur baby named Nadi and as each year passes I am a little bit scared of the fact that there will come a day when I have to face exactly what is presented in the above meme. This one made me misty-eyed while I was working out in a gym. It truly hit me right in the feels and I am not looking forward to the day that I have to do this. Thankfully it is hopefully many years off as Nadi is only 6 years old.

Sorry to end on a downer but those are the memes that I felt compelled to save this week and I hope you enjoyed them!

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Humorous and emotional, I just smiled at the end. I too want a doggo friend to live with me but My parents certainly feels like I am not mature enough to take care of him/her.
Anyways, keep flourishing.

It is quite interesting to know how the life develops, you are right throughout the time when we got older we and our views as well as likes and dislikes are changing all the time. It is funny that such memes still bring us to laugh although we know that this is childish.

I have not thoguht about that but have you maybe noticed that sometimes jobs that we do for free just like in order to in your case to help out school with English language without obligations could be really enjoyable because you know that there is always an open door and you can leave.

Seeing the meme about the dog and his owner that is really emotional, knowing that our pets are there for shorter time may make the time of being together more precious too.


yeah the dog things get to me and considering where I was perusing memes it was a bit out of place but also had a ton of votes. It seems a lot of the trolls and pranksters out there in meme-land have a lot of heart for dogs and cats... and this is always a good thing.

Well... you're probably lucky to be just living on your own because you have freedom and don't have to worry about anyone but yourself. I envy you. Once you start living with someone, you have to start "sharing" the money and that just downright sucks. It just isn't worth it in the end.


ouch... that's a tough reaction to be happy about. Sorry you feel that way. For me, I've had plenty of relationships and in most of them my partner actually had a better salary than I did. I suppose I am a little bit selfish and don't want my activities (or lack of them) to be dictated by another person. Having a partner would probably be better for me in many instances because I do have a pretty self-destructive lifestyle at times, particularly in relation to booze.

When I look around I see that most of my friend who are in relationships are envious of my lack of one and I also see people who are single and really wish they weren't. I suppose I am just lucky because of the fact that I am actually perfectly content being exactly how I am.