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Hi beograd,

Thank you for your entry in to #comedyopenmic comedy contest. We have asked the judges below to review your entry and give it a funny rating. (They generally have no sense of humor, as the saying goes, those that can't do, start contests and judge).
This will determine your ultimate position when the results are tallied. (That being said, you are free to adopt any position you wish - we can recommend pantsless with beer in hand.)


If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact one of the judges or come say hi in discord: Click Here

Click To Vote @ComedyOpenMic For Witness And Disrupt The Steem Blockchain With Laughter!
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Thank you to @matytan for the great banner



Wait, you were flattering me for free money?

Pretty sure that’s how this system works, I didn’t come here for the peanut butter just a scratch on the ears and a ’good boy’



You have obviously lost your mind.
Have an upvote.
I wish I could give you a second upvote for making word-play jokes in a second language.

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  ·  작년

So much rage, was there a dick stuck up your ass while you typed?
Meanwhile how did that Canadian guy increase his testosterone? I didn't even know Canadians have Dicks.


We sure do!
Ask your mom


Yes, and from what I've seen, mine must be delicious...

This is a lot to process. I might be a while.

Thanks for the shout-out Nikki 😂