Comedy Open Mic round # 28 First Entry.- My dreams

3년 전

Greetings jesters, here I am back with the story of my dreams as a child. My mother always told my two brothers and me, that we never stop fighting for our dreams.

So we grew up in an atmosphere of love and a lot of support from my parents.

My sister, Beverly, always dreamed of being a professional motorcycling pilot and achieved it at the age of 21, today it is a 250cc world cup.


My brother Bryan, from a very young age dreamed of being a great engineer and at 25 years of age, is an important chief engineer manager of a large oil company.


And finally I, the black sheep of the family. I never had a professional dream nor did I excel in studies. But always from a very young I had a dream and although my childhood friends made fun of me, I never stopped dreaming about this.


Hahaha and what did they think, what was going to be better than my brothers?


I hope I made a smile for you

For this round 28 I nominate @soyarcoiris and @marinesb

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That is the dream of all men hahahahaha

Hi, and thanks for your entry. Can I get you to include the sources for your photos, please and thank you? In between sessions of course. Nobody expects you to leave a foursome for trivial shit like that.

Ha ha ha ha