Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 13

3년 전

Welcome to the Thirteenth week of The Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest.

Please read the contest rules here

Credit goes to our Dandy (@dandesign86) for creating this logo for us

Rules for Judges

  • Contest will run for a minimum of 16 weeks, and will continue to run as long as it is sustainable.
  • Prizes to be sent out within 24hrs of contest round closing
  • @comedyopenmic will announce start and end of every round (approx 5am UTC Fridays, this will be adjusted if needed)
  • Judges will do their best to review all entries
  • Every effort will be made for @comedyopenmic to upvote all entries
  • A big thank you to @idikuci for his time and effort in upvoting everybody and ensuring @comedyopenmic spread the upvote love in round 12
  • A special thank you to our wonderful guest judges in round 12 @sisygoboom, @profanereviews and @groovatti your time is greatly appreciated.



If you see any of these guys around please upvote and thank them. It is because of their support that this contest is able to keep functioning.

Do you want to be a judge?

Read all the entries, comment on contestant posts. Leave a positive trail of happiness and laughter behind you like you fart laughing gas and we will notice. Our most active curators and contestants will be asked to join us as guest judges on a week to week basis.



  • Court Jester will get 45SBD
    • Court Jester will be chosen by the judges
  • People's champion will get 0.01-10SBD (Payout depends on value, higher value post will get smaller prize. Remaining value to be handed out to other entrants).
    • People's champion is whoever has highest $ payout at competition close
  • Top 10 prize pool is 40SBD
    • Contestant selected for Punchy's Top 10 will receive 4SBD each.
  • Lucky Door Prize will be 10SBD
    • 5 lucky contestants will get a 2SBD each as a bonus prize.
  • Chuck Norris Award
    • 5 SBD given to the best curator / commenter

Best Comedy Video Award 15SBD (New Award)

This week's prize pool 135SBD



A number of people have put themselves forward as curators of content to encourage more entries.

@carlgnash (Also really funny, we want more entries from him)
@punchline (Still hoping George Carlin comes back to life)
@steemwizards (No idea who he is but he's good fun)
@nonameslefttouse (Make it a good story to get his attention)
@trafalgar (Include #punchline tag to grab his attention)
@bitfiend (We just like him, dunno why)
@diebitch (Don't be mean, or she'll roast you)
@acolucky (Careful, he gets lucky a lot)
@ilt-yodith (New Curator)

If you see any of these guys around please upvote and thank them. It is because of their support that this contest is able to keep functioning.




A big thank you to @nonameslefttouse, @imjustsaying, @dj123 who were very generous in donating additional funds towards prizes.
@idikuci - 194SBD , @dj123 - 132SBD + 5 Steem, @punchline - 80 Steem + 10SBD, @take5 - 65 SBD, @nonameslefttouse - 35SBD, @dandesign86 and @redlipstick - 32SBD, @ilt-yodith - 16.891SBD + 10.899 Steem, @amirtheawesome1 / @yesaye - 20SBD, @thedailylaugh - 10SBD, @meesterboom - 10SBD, @buttcoins - 10SBD, @dreemit - 5SBD, @thevillan - 5SBD, @sisygoboom - @5SBD, @mourningnoodles - 4Steem, @belemo - 3SBD, @steemmatt - 3SBD, @holybranches - 3SBD, @jedi-won - 2SBD, @bitfiend - 2SBD, @diebitch - 2SBD, @lunasilver 0.007 Steem, @acolucky - 3Steem, @cemke - 2SBD, @imjustsaying - 2Steem, @armiaaceh - 1.5SBD, @puncakbukit - 0.1


Big thank you to @buttcoins and @amirtheawesome1 who added to our delegation pool this week.
@ngc - 20,000SP, @roelandp - 15,556SP, @idikuci - 2,000SP, @dandesign86 / @bluetower - 500SP, @dj123 - 500SP, @take5 - 500SP, @flipstar - 300SP, @mightpossibly - 250SP, @yesaye - 162SP, @buttcoins - 150SP, @amirtheawesome1 - 150SP, @jasonschick - 125SP, @diebitch - 100SP, @zenkly - 100SP, @ubongj - 50SP, @abh12345 - 50SP, @cemke - 40SP, @bitfiend - 35SP, @holybranches - 10SP, @groovatti - 10SP, @sisygoboom - 2.19SP

Please send any donations and SP delegations directly to @comedyopenmic. The more funding we get, the longer it will be possible to run the contest and upvote all you hilarious people.

Important Information

If you see our judges, curators or sponsors comments or posts, please upvote and encourage them. They are giving up their time to help this contest, so if you see these guys around, say hello and give them an upvote:

We are all trying to make this a successful contest to raise participation in #funny and attract more comedians and aspiring comedians to Steem.

This post marks the end of Round 12 and the start of Round 13 of Comedy Open Mic.

Within 24hrs of this post, another post will go out marking the prize recipients. Sorry about the double post, but we need to make sure we have time to enjoy all the entries.

Come join our discord channel: CLICK HERE and just say hi.


If you believe someone has submitted a plagiarised entry, please let the judges know. You can let us know on the discord channel or as a reply to one of our comments. As long as contestants make an effort to produce original content and provide sources for other material we will be happy to accept the entry.

Good Luck and Happy Steeming!!

Thank you to @matytan for the great banner

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Congrats to everyone and @comedyopenmic, didn't think we'll get to Week13 / Round13 and still keep going.


Keep the comedy alive! It's dying...It's dying! Save the comedy!

I'm totally ready:


Fantastic post.thank you for give me a great opportunaties

I am a proud member of this psych-ward. Onwards and onwards!

Wow! Round 13 already? Here's my first entry:


I will try to make my entry mr snow

Excellent. I'm already waiting!

A great opportunity to participate and I wish everyone a good fun! Thank you @comedyopenmic

Wow I was just in time then.. sent my first entry last night.. Didn't realize the contest was closing in the morning (our time lol) .. really love the project, have been reading a lot before, but not participating yet until now. Keep up the good work :)

What an awesome idea for a contest. Here's my first ever entry:

Drunk song -- the evolution of woman

Warning: does not contain political correctness :S


Here's my entry. A reading of my poem: The Ballad of Billy and the Green Dragon.

Thank you @beeyou for letting me know about this contest. :)

Well, here goes nothing. Here's my entry:

Love seeing this contest continue to grow. Let's do this!!


nice that you give it a try, the more fun the better :) going to read it now ;)

I'm stoked to let you know @comedyopenmic that I've just submitted my veeeery first entry for the challenge - wohoooooo!

If you don't laugh, I'll never do this again - hahaha JK!!!

The Reborn Dog

I really like this contest, the positive sea and earnings. Thank you for the contest :)

All the best to all participants ... Thank you to the event organizers and comedy open mic for their efforts. Keep it up good work

It's been 13 weeks together, a lot of laughter and happy here.
Hopefully this continues until humans no longer know how to grieve.

I'm going to try to participate in this round and see if I'm good in English.

On it :)

That's good, we've reached round thirteen and we're going for more

As all the last weeks you will see my stupids jokes again Hahahahahahha.

I gave round 12 my best shot, I'm not sure i still have more punchlines left in me. I'm enjoying it tho and very happy i found you guys

I just up voted with my different account from @lucyreloaded -please accept my sincere, and deepest apologies.
...and make sure these count as up votes for the competition! lol


Hey! smiling judges. ¿Ready for a good laugh?
Ok, over here my first entry for this 13th round of the Open Mic Comedy Contest. ¡Enjoy! }:)


comeon @por500bolos, you've been consistently getting love from the community and @comedyopenmic, at least upvote the post with your $0.04 upvote and help the community that supports you grow a tiny bit ok


Oh sorry mate!! ¿Do you mean upvote this post with the Round 13 announcement of the contest?

Uhmm, I thought I've already did it. But to tell the truth, I've not seen that consistent love from the @comedyopenmic community on my new entry for this edition of the contest yet. LoL }:)


i mean upvote every comedyopenmic post and show some support to a community that reaches out to not just you, but the greater spanish community

look even with 10 100 upvotes you can not give back as much as you received from a bigger fish like the com account, it's the spirit that you show that makes a difference, besides, comedyopenmic is not here to earn on curation, it upvotes late to give everyone else a chance to upvote you first, so they too can benefit from some curation and love they show to your post

how we treat the community is how others will treat us


Ah! ok mate, understood!! ATM, I've been a bit busy with little time available to swank my way around reading all the contestant's posts to upvote & show some support to the content I would like the most on this #comedyopenmic 13th round.

I promise that when I finish one epic article that I'm writing right now. Before an important deadline that will happen in a few hours this sunday. In order to try to take it to the highest spheres of the Trending Page of steemit. I'll start nonstop with the crusade of love upvotes. :)

I even trying to create this special Mother's Day post in such way that it could even become my entry Nº 2 for this contest. LoL

Cheers!! ;)


Oy judges!! I'm afraid I'm bringing more work for you folks.

Over here my entry Nº 2 for this contest celebrating The Mother's Day!

Enjoy!! :)

Waitng for this


go upvote this post @tigerminus and show some love to a community for a change, you have a gentlebot vote i've seen


proof to the community you're not a spammer, go upvote this post

Ok, this is my first time entering because @hippie-witha-gun suggested I should enter this post! :)

Fantastic post.thank you for give me a great opportunaties

Amazing i am waiting


i almost want to give you an upvote, you're like an expert-spammer

how would you like me to auto-flag your next 10 gentlebot upvotes?

Adding mine here! Continuing my recent trend of funny/humorous fiction. Read it! (or don't, that's ok too).

Steemwars - Part 2 - In Space, No One Can Hear Your Spleen

Good articel


spam - it's not an article