Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 16 - Winners Post

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Every week, being a judge gets harder and harder as the judges get more and more animated cheering for their favorites. So if you see a barrel (yes that's the collective word for judges) of judges brawling, by all means, stop to take photos. Thank you to all the contestants who put in entries in round 16, we hope you had as much fun creating the entries as we did laughing at the great posts. Every week we get new people joining and the bigger we grow the better it becomes, so go out and tell your friends. As we grow bigger, we will increase the rewards.

This week the goat started to eat the final tally, this caused a panic, and we had to bring our residential goat whisperer @Amirtheawesome1 to smooth things over. Luckily we still manage to get out the top 3 prizes, but shortly the extra prizes will also be announced.

Thank you to @dandesign86 for creating this logo for us

People's Champion – 1 SBD

The Health Benefits of Smoking Crack with Mitt Monarchy as Your Host

Court Jester - 55SBD

Nominations for Court jester this week were:

This was the first week for a new voting system and our first week for having 8 judges. Hopefully this means we are able to upvote and spread more love around.

The ComedyOpenMic Court Jester for round 16 is:

Comedy Open Mic Round #16 - "A Fight For the Ages!"

Punchy's Top 10 list - 40 SBD (4 SBD each)

The top 10 in order or preference are:

  1. @tanglebranch: Steem Wars : Swept Away (Part 5 of Mission 2, and COM Round 16 Entry
  2. @profanereviews: Therapy Thursday S01E01 - Comedy Open Mic Round 16
  3. @markangeltrueman: Comedy Open Mic Round #16 - Train Wankers.
  4. @johnthefelon: BLACKOUT DRUNK - Comedy Open Mic - Round 16
  5. @spunkpuppet: Comedy Open Mic Round 16 : THE VILLAGE Part 10 - A Near Death Experience.
  6. @beograd: Dad Jokes (Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 16)
  7. @diebitch: Demotivational Quotes _ Comedy Open Mic Round 16
  8. @jasonbu: Steemwars - Mission 2 - Part 3 - Thank the Gods for the Red Shirts [COM RD 16]
  9. @josediccus: UNINTENDED COMEDY OF FAMILY DRAMA (comedy open mic week 16 2nd entry)
  10. @pangoli: Eensy Weensy Spider --- ComedyOpenMic 16 (Entry 1).

Lucky Door Prize - 10SBD (2SBD each)

The lucky door prize this week goes to 5 lucky contestants who have great promise.
Lucky door prize winners:

Bonus Prizes – 9SBD (1SBD each)

Best Video Award - 15SBD (5SBD Each)

Our Video Judge @carlgnash has not spoken: Will Be Announced Later

If you guys would like to come along and say "Hi" to the judges or get tips on improving or just chat with other contestants we have opened up a ComedyOpenMic discord channel. Don't be shy, come say "hi".

Round 17 is now under way so remember to put in your entries, upvote our contestants and share the laughs all over steemit and beyond!!

Over 16 weeks we have managed to give away >1190.00 SBD and 270 Steem (current value of >$3,150USD, at time of posting). So don't forget to keep upvoting @comedyopenmic when you see it. The more upvotes we get, the more we will give away.

Thank you to @matytan for the great banner

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While you're all laughing at the winners up there. please Remember that all this is made possible by the donations of money and time and upvotes from people. So please give generous upvotes, delegate to our community account resteem this post



For a comedy contest to be run successfully for 17 straight weeks and. counting from the pocket of others is pretty amazing. We all should support them by at least taking out 60.8 seconds of our day to vote Comedyopenmic as witness. This will give the contest a great deal of sustainability and we can share in the glory!


#comedyopenmic has been a window of opportunity for me, they have been able to help the Hispanic community grow with the COME contest and that work deserves everyone's support. Personally, it is a pride to belong to this great community. You have to support them by voting as a witness #comedyopenmic


I have to admit that I was frivolous with my witness votes before joining the COM team, but have since unvoted a bunch of witnesses that lured me in with upvotes and empty promises. cough Jerry Banfield cough

I have started to look at what witnesses really do for Steemit and vote for ones that I believe are trying to better the platform and not just their own wallets.

@comedyopenmic is the only witness that I have seen from the inside out, and I am proud to be a part of this amazing team of selfless people that put in countless unpaid hours to try and build a community that provides what is probably the purest form of happiness for a lot of people.


I had a bunch more typed out, but it was starting to get fucking sappy, so I saved it for a probable @curie post later.

Don't look at me like that. I don't care about the fake internet money. It's the power I'm after. Muahahahaha


Many people might get confused as to what a witness is, what it does and what voting for a witness even means. Im here to tell you...dont worry your pretty little head about it. Just VOTE COMEDYOPENMIC cause @comedyopenmic is made of us.
A community of those that think steemit could use a little more humor. Those that weekly jump in the mix and find there funny bone. Those that collaborate, engage, support and have faith that together we can Bitch Slap the boring right outa steemit. An Army of Cocky Boobian Butts. Who wouldn't want to come join the fun and VOTE for a true COMmunity Witness.
This message has been brought to you by.... one sincere ass BUTT!
Badge of Originality BUTTBADGE small.jpg
The Butt believes @comedyopenmic has demonstrated #proofofwitness


The concept of a self sustainable community that is thriving sans bid-bots might sound alien, but COM shows it to be possible.


You have to support @comedyopenmic voting as a witness #comedyopenmic has been a great opportunity for me, I am grateful to grow every day in this community that is dedicated to give smile and where we can make a smile a the people. I invite you to vote for them.


Excellent communities like this don't grow on trees, it's plain to see that lots of time and money has been invested in making this dream become a reality. This community is vital to the long-term growth of steem, so it's important that we make this community sustainable!

That's why you have my vote for witness @comedyopenmic!


💛 @comedyopenmic and all official comp sponsor witnesses ( 💙@ausbitbank, 💚@rolandp & ❤️@nextgencrypto ) have my support. Thank you for bringing us this great comp each week and embracing diversity in humour!


It would do Steem and the globe a world Of good if everyone still embraces laughter and comedy. Granted, there's nothing that could ever go wrong from having a good laugh, even in very daunting situations. It is indeed the best medicine.

I only ever made a single entry, and for something I didn't feel was good enough, I felt welcomed. I imagine what effect that would have on a newbie. Comedyopenmic isn't exactly like the lot of communities out there where there are glass roofs and sorts. This one's by merit, and they've proven that by doing just what they're out to do without shenanigans from the beginning.

I see a lot of happy faces in the comments. Why?

Well, why not? As a curator for a lot of communities, I've seen some raw talents go under the radar and then disappear without ever looking back. Partly because they don't know what they're doing, and partly because it is depressing to stay all night writing an article no one ever reads. Let's keep the votes aside. I almost quit too back then, and these wonderful entries each day speaks a lot for itself. Check a user out for yourself, and compare the difference between when there wasn't comedyopenmic, and when comedyopenmic came into the scene. For one, I remember @holybranches, a good writer who struggled with fitting in on steemit in general. Today I'm proud to call him my friend because he's found what he loves doing and he's doing just that..

Each entry with the tag is well accepted, regardless of how terrible or disjoint they may seem at first, and I see these guys working their way to the top as their contents get better with every new one.

I love you guys already, and I expect big things from comedyopenmic in the future.

Support @comedyopenmic!


You bring memories back bro. Thanks for the kind words and support!


A continually growing comedy-based community is what steemit needs. one that appreciates comedy of all kind which can be seen by going through a single winners post or all of them, always encouraging wannabe comedians (such as me) to post and enter, a community that doesn't only appreciate beginner's efforts but actually rewards them for it. I might be a bias opinion but COM is one of the best communities I've seen on steemit, they've taken me in when I was barely a steemit newbie, literally my first ever entry was my second ever post and I was already contemplating closing off my account.

Considering how little they started with and how they were working hard with just that and now they're working even harder, it only makes sense delegating to this community account and spread it's word.


Just to reiterate what amir said, having a group and community like COM is extremely important. They encourage people to submit, and, honestly, rewards aren't given to the most popular kid in class, so to speak.

I won on my second entry, and I think it's safe to say I'm rather obscure. Delegate to them. Support them. They appreciate comedy in every possible form. And, so far as I can tell, their community is pretty welcoming.


You don't need to understand this whole steemit-witness thing very well, before you decide that @comedyopenmic is worthy of your support. By upvotes, but also by voting them to be a worthy witness, as an account that takes the well-being of its members and the whole of the steemit community serious and that gives back what they receive. DO IT! NOW!


Like I’ve said before, this a witness that deserves our votes, and a project that deserves our support. In a short time, Comedy Open Mic has become a multi-language international contest, helping people build many skills (writing, video production, curation, leadership, community outreach) outside of just trying to be funny.

They have also built, in my humble opinion, a community that embodies fairness, inclusiveness and a genuine care for its members as people. Don’t be misled by the salty language in our posts and discord channel, this is a community that can and should be the equal of any on steem (or any other blockchain).


Congratulations to all the winners! Best of luck this week for those who didn't make the cut!

Congrats to all the winners! :)

This is by far the most forward thinking, engaging, and rewarding community that I have found on steemit.
Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all the consumers for creating a market for this endeavour to thrive in. To continue to thrive and grow though, they do need your support. Remember, with steemit, it not only costs you nothing to support via upvote, it in return, rewards you.
Steem On !!

can't believe the goat doctor almost got this one. congrats to all winners!

Holy mother of Odin's beard! Flabbergasted that I won Court Jester but so utterly grateful! :D Congratulations to the other winners! There were some uber great laughs for round sixteen.

I'm going to spend my 1 SBD on crack cocaine!

Thanks everyone!


Anything better than a snaky monoatomic gold!


Monoatomic gold crack? I bet that’s a winning combination.


Good thing we can make more of those with "strokes" of genius.


save me some

Woohoo. Very happy to have been included in Punchy's top 10... Thanks!! Definitely will look forward to hanging out some more comedy.

Cheers for the prizes and fun contest @comedyopenmic. And congrats to all the winners too :)

Grateful for my bonus, in this round 17 I will go for the first prize!!!!!
Jajajajajajaja I'm so happy


waiaiaiaiaiaiaia @disguarpe the winner of winners


Congrats to all the winners :D

And yay! Thank you so much. That was a lovely surprise to see I got a prize too.

Thanks to everyone for making this contest possible. Let the laughs live on.


Congrats you weiners.


you were almost a weiner too.

Wow! Thanks so much, really glad I could give the goat some giggles!


brilliant, what you got for us this week?

Woo hoo. Now I have the energy to judge again!

Thanks @comedyopenmic and all the judges.


enjoy the break?

Now back to work!

Wow congratulations to the jester, he made it huge already, it's amazing to see the work, im so glad that I was part of the winners, thank you comedyopenmic.

Is memes accepted too?


aboslutely. As long as the rules are followed.

Congrats guys for the fun and the laughter

I congratulate all the winners and many thanks to the organizers of the contest. Well done!

Congrats to all the winners. Finally their hardwork and dedication paid off.

hhhhhhhhhh yes very intiristing