Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 23

3년 전

Welcome to the 23rd week of The Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest.

Please read the contest rules here

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Rules for Judges


If you see any of these guys around please upvote and thank them. It is because of their support that this contest is able to keep functioning.

Do you want to be a judge?

Read all the entries, comment on contestant posts. Leave a positive trail of happiness and laughter behind you like you fart laughing gas and we will notice. Our most active curators and contestants will be asked to join us as guest judges on a week to week basis.



  • Court Jester will get 35SBD
    • Court Jester will be chosen by the judges
  • People's champion will get 0.01-5SBD (Payout depends on value, higher value post will get smaller prize. Remaining value to be handed out to other entrants).
    • People's champion is whoever has highest $ payout at competition close
  • Top 10 prize pool is 30SBD
    • Contestant selected for Punchy's Top 10 will receive 3SBD each.
  • Lucky Door Prize will be 5SBD
    • 5 lucky contestants will get a 1SBD each as a bonus prize.

This week's prize pool 75SBD

Due to the Recent drop in Steem price and a drop in post payouts, we've had to drop the prizes to ensure we continue rewarding funny people



A number of people have put themselves forward as curators of content to encourage more entries.

If you see any of these guys around please upvote and thank them. It is because of their support that this contest is able to keep functioning.




Thank you @ausbitbank, @diebitch, @aaarif, @anouk.nox, @doomsdaychassis, @cemke, @chrisroberts who were very generous in donating additional funds towards prizes.

@ausbitbank - 300 Steem, @idikuci - 208SBD, @dj123 - 132SBD + 8 Steem, @carlgnash 120SBD, @punchline - 80 Steem + 10SBD, @take5 - 65 SBD, @nonameslefttouse - 55SBD, @dandesign86 and @redlipstick - 32SBD, @ilt-yodith - 16.891SBD + 10.899 Steem, @amirtheawesome1 / @yesaye - 20SBD, @thedailylaugh - 10SBD, @amirtheawesome1 - 28SBD, @meesterboom - 10SBD, @buttcoins - 10SBD, @groovatti - 10Steem, @profanereviews - 10SBD, @linnyplant - 6SBD, @dreemit - 5SBD, @thevillan - 5SBD, @sisygoboom - 5SBD, @mourningnoodles - 4Steem, @belemo - 6SBD, @steemmatt - 3SBD, @holybranches - 8SBD, @pangoli - 7SBD, @jedi-won - 5SBD, @bitfiend - 2SBD, @diebitch - 7SBD, @lunasilver 0.007 Steem, @acolucky - 3Steem + 1SBD, @cemke - 24SBD, @scan0017 - 2SBD, @imjustsaying - 2SBD + 2Steem, @mourningnoodles - 2SBD, @armiaaceh - 1.5SBD, @richjr - 0.337 SBD, @puncakbukit - 0.1SBD, @aaarif - 0.20 SBD, @mahendranikum - 0.021SBD, @mineopoly - 5SBD, @fromthebeginning - 4SBD, @lyndsaybowes – 23 Steem + 12.286SBD, @anouk.nox - 3 Steem, @doomsdaychassis - 1SBD, @chrisroberts - 3SBD,


A big thank you to @buttcoins, @doomsdaychassis, @rahul.stan, @kkkkkl, @kayyam09 who added to our delegation pool this week.

@ngc - 20,000SP, @roelandp - 15,556SP, @idikuci - 1,000SP, @dj123 - 900SP, @holger80 - 500SP, @take5 - 500SP, @flipstar - 300SP, @gamer00 - 300SP, @buttcoins - 300SP, @amirtheawesome1 - 256SP, @mightpossibly - 250SP, @carlgnash - 200SP, @abh12345 - 200SP, @yesaye - 162SP, @pechichemena - 150SP, @jasonshick - 125SP, @diebitch - 100SP, @zenkly - 100SP, @bitfiend - 100SP, @bobaphet - 100SP, @cemke - 100SP, @artakush - 100SP, @profanereviews - 75SP, @ubongj - 50SP, @groovatti - 50SP, @holybranches - 50SP, @anouk.nox - 50SP, @doomsdaychassis - 50SP, @johnthefelon - 40SP, @rahul.stan - 30SP, @samueldouglas - 25SP, @nobyeni - 25SP, @belemo - 20SP, @kkkkkl - 20SP, @jonsnoww - 10SP, @betavirosis - 10SP, @kayyam09 - 10SP, @sisygoboom - 9SP

Please send any donations and SP delegations directly to @comedyopenmic. The more funding we get, the longer it will be possible to run the contest and upvote all you hilarious people.

Important Information
If you see our judges, curators or sponsors comments or posts, please upvote and encourage them. They are giving up their time to help this contest, so if you see these guys around, say hello and give them an upvote:

We are all trying to make this a successful contest to raise participation in #funny and attract more comedians and aspiring comedians to Steem.

This post marks the end of Round 22 and the start of Round 23 of Comedy Open Mic.

Within 24hrs of this post, another post will go out marking the prize recipients. Sorry about the double post, but we need to make sure we have time to enjoy all the entries.


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Original Content

If you believe someone has submitted an entry that is not their work, please let the judges know. You can let us know on the discord channel or as a reply to one of our comments. As long as contestants make an effort to produce original content and provide sources for other material we will be happy to accept the entry.

Please note: By entering the Comedy Open Mic Contest you agree to allow Comedy Open Mic to use the content you post in its promotion. Full credit will be given to the author as well as links to the original post in cases where Comedy Open Mic opt to use your material in promotions.

Good Luck and Happy Steeming!!

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Just trying to spread awareness on phishing with pictures and no write-up, since I was told people don't want to read. ;)

Phishing is back everyone. Do be careful!

Once again, we are here to kill the sadness and bring happiness to the Blockchain.

Oh yeah! Bring on the funny stuff to COM everyone.. make us laugh hard.. we're ready for it!

Nicely done @take5 let's dole out the funnies again

I just posted the biggest joke ever...just for you guys!!!!
Thanks so much @comedyopenmic for all you are doing!

Hi @comedyopenmic,

I was told that this original story of mine would be worthy here.

(I originally wrote it 2 years ago)

Here is my entry. I must have resteemed the rules before so I resteemed this post.

My answer to @beeyou's sexist ad about what men would be clicking on to get in trouble.

The-Perfect-Blowjob 2.jpg


Thanks so much for the nomination. I had a lot of fun doing it and really got some laughs from reading the other entries.


@headchange you're welcome... You have a naturally funny personality... You're humor is a little in sync with mine, so I should know ... You are hilarious!


You are too kind but thank you


@headchange no way, I am just honest and observant ;)

I been looking forward to round 23 and reading all the entries. This is my second week participating. Check out my entry for round 23 below.

Facebook vs Steemit

Awesome initiative .. . nothing better then having a good laugh.

Comedy is only which keeps us alive.
Keep it up.

Here's an interview with my very neighborly neighbor.

Here you go! Had fun! 😂 My very first entry ever to comedyopenmic! I never knew it's so much fun until today. 😁

Started out a normal poem, turned funnyish and so here we are lol

Hello friends... This is my participation for the round 23 ... greetings and luck to all the bufones of the family @comedyopenmic

Here is my 2nd entry in the contest... Please don't give me @beeyou as a judge... She's too fair and I will have no chance to win :P

Hi @comedyopenmic, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @johnthefellon doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

If you found this comment useful, consider upvoting it to help keep this bot running. You can see a list of all available commands by replying with !help.

Bwahahah John-The-Fell-on!

Hey @johnthefelon .....did you fall on @take5?


Everyone please thank @take5 for making our weekly announcement and forgive her for any typos and mistakes, it's always better to be late than never in COM :P


Ohmaigod, there's two!


I think it's @jonthefellon




That's cheeky, checky.

Wow, this is amazing, another week, every 7 days. How do you guys do it?
I need to get my funny hat back on then.

Wow! Another round is here. Thanks to all the sponsors and of course, the curators for making the @comedyopenmic's goal a perpetual success on the blockchain.
Let's do it-- Round 23.

I should drop by here more often for the laughs. 😂

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A new round to make everyone laugh

A nice continuity, friends and I wish everyone enjoying a great fun!

A new opportunity to laugh ... thanks for the space to share jokes. Greetings community.

Sir your post is very beautiful very interesting your all post I love your #post
Sir I am new user on Steemit
My reputation is just 30%
Sir I am best apvoter and comments sir please help me Thank you

you made my day to this!Godbless!

wow that was great! you looked really comfortable up there and were very funny!

I'm back to crack my ribs with @comedyopenic
Anticipating wonderful jokes