Comedy Open Mic - Round 11

3년 전

Welcome to the Eleventh week of The Comedy Open Mic Contest.

Please read the contest rules here

Credit to our Dandy (@dandesign86) for creating this logo for us

Rules for Judges

  • Contest will run for a minimum of 12 weeks, and will continue to run as long as it is sustainable.
  • Prizes to be sent out within 24hrs of contest round closing
  • @comedyopenmic will announce start and end of every round (approx 5am GMT Fridays, this will be adjusted if needed)
  • Judges will do their best to review all entries
  • Every effort will be made for @comedyopenmic to upvote all entries
  • A big thank you to @holybranches and @dj123 for their time and effort in upvoting everybody and ensuring @comedyopenmic spread the upvote love in round 10
  • A special thank you to our wonderful guest judges in round 10 @diebitch (who has done 2 rounds in a row), @amirtheawesome1, and @holybranches your time is greatly appreciated.


@dandesign86 / @comedyopenmic
@diebitch / @comedyopenmic

If you see any of these guys around please upvote and thank them. It is because of their support that this contest is able to keep functioning.

Do you want to be a judge?

Read all the entries, comment on contestant posts. Leave a positive trail of happiness and laughter behind you like you fart laughing gas and we will notice. Our most active curators and contestants will be asked to join us as guest judges on a week to week basis.



  • Court Jester will get 45SBD
    • Court Jester will be chosen by the judges
  • People's champion will get 1-10SBD (Payout depends on value, higher value post will get smaller prize. Remaining value to be handed out to other entrants).
    • People's champion is whoever has highest $ payout at competition close
  • Top 10 prize pool is 40Steem
    • Contestant selected for Punchy's Top 10 will receive 4Steem each.
  • Lucky Door Prize will be 10SBD
    • 5 lucky contestants will get a 2SBD each as a bonus prize.
  • Chuck Norris Award
    • 5 SBD given to the best curator / commenter

This week's prize pool 70SBD + 40 Steem



A number of people have put themselves forward as curators of content to encourage more entries.

@carlgnash (Also really funny, we want more entries from him)
@punchline (Still hoping George Carlin comes back to life)
@steemwizards (No idea who he is but he's good fun)
@nonameslefttouse (Make it a good story to get his attention)
@trafalgar (Include #punchline tag to grab his attention)
@bitfiend (We just like him, dunno why)
@diebitch (Don't be mean, or she'll roast you)
@yanosh01 New Curator
@acolucky New Curator

If you see any of these guys around please upvote and thank them. It is because of their support that this contest is able to keep functioning.




A big thank you to @buttcoins, @ilt-yodith, @cemke, @acolucky, @take5 who were very generous in donating additional funds towards prizes.
@idikuci - 194SBD , @dj123 - 122SBD + 5 Steem, @punchline - 80 Steem + 10SBD, @take5 - 58 SBD, @dandesign86 and @redlipstick - 32SBD, @ilt-yodith - 16.891SBD + 10.899 Steem, @amirtheawesome1 / @yesaye - 20SBD, @nonameslefttouse - 10SBD, @thedailylaugh - 10SBD, @meesterboom - 10SBD, @dreemit - 5SBD, @thevillan - 5SBD, @sisygoboom - @5SBD, @belemo - 3SBD, @steemmatt - 3SBD, @jedi-won - 2SBD, @bitfiend - 2SBD, @diebitch - 2SBD, @lunasilver 0.007 Steem, @buttcoins - 10SBD, @cemke - 2SBD, @acolucky - 3 Steem,


Big thank you to @buttcoins and @amirtheawesome1 who added to our delegation pool this week.
@ngc - 20,000SP, @roelandp - 15,556SP, @idikuci - 2,000SP, @dandesign86 / @bluetower - 500SP, @dj123 - 500SP, @take5 - 500SP, @flipstar - 300SP, @mightpossibly - 250SP, @yesaye - 162SP, @buttcoins - 150SP, @jasonschick - 125SP, @diebitch - 100SP, @amirtheawesome1 - 150SP, @ubongj - 50SP, @abh12345 - 50SP, @cemke - 40SP, @bitfiend - 35SP, @holybranches - 10SP, @groovatti - 10SP

Please send any donations and SP delegations directly to @comedyopenmic. The more funding we get, the longer it will be possible to run the contest and upvote all you hilarious people.

Important Information

If you see our judges, curators or sponsors comments or posts, please upvote and encourage them. They are giving up their time to help this contest, so if you see these guys around, say hello and give them an upvote:

@roelandp, @ngc, @comedyopenmic, @dj123, @nonameslefttouse, @dandesign86 / @bluetower, @carlgnash, @take5, @ilt-yodith, @punchline, @steemwizards, @trafalgar, @meesterboom, @dreemit, @redlipstick, @thedailylaugh, @flipstar, @steemmatt, @bitfiend, @thevillan, @jedi-won, @belemo, @jasonshick, @diebitch, @ubongj, @bitfiend, @holybranches, @lunasilver, @cemke, @amirtheawesome1, @samueldouglas, @buttcoins.

We are all trying to make this a successful contest to raise participation in #funny and attract more comedians and aspiring comedians to Steem.

This post marks the end of Round 10 and the start of Round 11 of Comedy Open Mic.

Within 24hrs of this post, another post will go out marking the prize recipients. Sorry about the double post, but we need to make sure we have time to enjoy all the entries.

Come join our discord channel and just say hi.

Upvotes for amusement

We're so board that we're giving away upvotes if you amuse us. Click on the words in the previous sentence and join in the fun.


If you believe someone has submitted a plagiarised entry, please let the judges know. You can let us know on the discord channel or as a reply to one of our comments. As long as contestants make an effort to produce original content and provide sources for other material we will be happy to accept the entry.

Good Luck and Happy Steeming!!

Thank you to @matytan for the great banner

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We are ready for this round, good luck to all my favorite clowns.

Thank you @comedyopenmic, your contest is awesome and entertaining us all!

I've been playing around on the sidelines for the last few weeks. I really hope that I am able to do a post this time around. There is so much talent running around this little quickly growing community.


Good, need more colour here.

Welcome back all over the world. The round 11 arrived !!!!!

Our cheerful, kind contest. I fell in love with him. The participants spread such funny posts that the mood rises for the whole day. Thank you and I wish everyone good luck.

#COM is my bae.
Welcome to round 11

It's about fucking time this round got underway. I had this burning desire to get writing, but after seeing the doctor this morning it turned out to be gonorrhea. I'm still going to write something, but the Rocephin and azithromycin is not mixing well with my rum and Ketamine cocktail, so I might be in and out of cognition for a bit.


Let's all be a great content creator at Comedy Open Mic!

Am happy to have come across COM.
Another wonderful round has started. I commend you guys effort to keep the fun funny

#comedyopenmic the longer gets better.
Hopefully #comedyopenmic becomes a trendy tag in steemit.

I'm excited for this round.. yeheey...!😊😁
Thank you @comedyopenmic for this great contest..
Also thank you to all the judges, curators and sponsors who support this awesome contest..

Godbless you all..


Hey guys, this is my entry, last week I couldn´t make it, but here I am again :)

A new round started. Oh YES!!

New round, new possibilities. Thanks a lot @comedyopenmic

A great opportunity to express yourself and laugh together! Thank you @comedyopenmic

I'm excited .... Thanks for giving such a great opportunity to little fish to grow up

Ah what a fine day for madness


It's also a fine day for fingering a goat, but apparently that's frowned upon.


Its a corrupt society. We pay good money for our goats

Just uploaded my entry. Have a good feeling about Week 11. Had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks again, @comedyopenmic. I'm really enjoying this.

There you go folks. My unexpected forced entry of last minute. }:)

😂 I can't help but join! 🥂

hello, thank you for this opportunity, this is my first entry to the contest


Awesome. Happy to have you here.

This is a great way to laugh, thank you .


Wanna know another great way to laugh?

Magic mushrooms.

Ready to kill these sht . Eleven is the lucky f*king bunny


hey oyima, go upvote the post with your amazing 0.01 and leave you mark on round11 forever!

thank you curators to make this contest stronger and bigger!excited to share funny moments


you can curate too, just upvote this post and you're starting to curate already

returned the contests that make the clown we have inside, and with the indications be better each time, gracios for this type of contest @comedyopenmic

Really very large tour
I wish you all the best
I wish the contestants good luck

another fentastic round of comedy open mic.
its so supportable post of comedy .
its seem a great platform of comedy .
great challenge!!

really a great contest
its another great round of Comedy Open Mic,
thanks for great work

hello friends here I leave my first post this week! I hope you like it!

"The Funeral"

That's a great funny post.i like fun
Thanks for sharing this fun..I appreciate your contest...I supported

Comedy Open Mic such a community by which
we are helfull through contest of comedy,
really a marvelous platform,
really great ..

really a great Comedy post

haha great fun

wow nice fun post

Officially putting in an entry for this round. Thanks for stopping by my "unofficial" entry earlier and for your kind support. :)

My entry for round 11, after being nominated by @beeyou. Thanks!

Hello everyone, here is my second entry. Many thanks to all the organizers of the comedyopenmic for making this contest possible and continue sharing laughter :D

Round 11! Whaaat! Here's mine! Thanks!

The Ultimate Love Poem

Week by week this is just getting better and better. Takes a lot of time and effort to organize all the funny idiots together.


yeah what this idiot said