The Witness and the contest


First Up - The Contest

Due to a little snaffu during the past week a.k.a. HF20. Quite a lot of people would have had issues posting and participating in Comedy Open Mic Round 32 so we've decided to extend it for another week. But naturally this is unfair to those who already posted. So for round 32 we will allow 10 entries per person. Which is amazingly generous and also a lie. It's actually just 5 entries but still really cool.

So good luck and with the posts.

Secondly - The Witness

We started out the week on HF20. Which, must like freshmen came too early and scared our darling mother (Steemit Inc.). But we got the doctor to check things out and fixed up the snaffu. After daily updates we ended up on v0.20.5. To give those Non Technical COMers a point of reference after 1yr of HF19 we were up to v0.19.6. Which shows you just how many bugs were in the code. And as a witness on the blockchain ComedyOpenMic should have done better by all the little COMers who lookup to us with rosey cheeks and we admit to taking some of the blame for last weeks issues, as all witnesses should.

We promise that in the future we will do more to protect the chain rather than assuming that those who get paid the most would have spent the last month testing the new HF. It turned out that this assumption wasn't quite accurate. So in future we will devote more time looking at the finer details so our blockchain can work without a 5 day hiatus.

Lots of love from COMTeam.

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So many hard forks. Its starting to feel like a porn scene


I think I might not watch enough porn because I’ve seen maybe, like, 3 pieces of silverware in every video I’ve ever watched.

Are sure what you’re watching is porn? Could you possibly be watching infomercials for kitchen utensils and mistaking it for pornography?

If so, I’m really sorry to have to break it to you this way but...but I think you’re sexually attracted to cutlery.

I’m here for you.

I'm really one of the non-technicians and I do not understand anything about H19 or H20. What I am sure of is that COM will do its best for the benefit of all.

Sean Serios, someone can explain what happened seriously jahajahaajahajahajah, seriously worth!

My regards to your darling mother.



Wait, what? We had a hardfork? I barely noticed.