Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest. Round 17. First entry.

3년 전

What happened to me for "Pingo".

Since I was little, I had always been a calm and obedient boy.
However, once I had some "creativity" when I saw a pot of paint for interiors of the brand "Pinco Pittsburg" (note that I do not intend to make propaganda to that factory).
It occurred to me to make the funny one with the name "Pinco", and to add it with a pen, a little arrow to the letter "C" to say "Pingo".
I grab the paint pot and tilt it a bit, and the moment I'm busy with "my creation" suddenly ... the disaster!
The paint spills on my trousers and on the floor of my living room.
At that time I did not know whether to deny my guilt (I already had the evidence on it) or to say that I tripped it without guilt. I guess they did not believe me. They gave me a beating and besides, I always remember that anecdote for being from "Pingo".

Note: For those who do not know; in Venezuela, or at least in my time, "pingo" is synonymous of "idiot".

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I know some idiots in Pittsburg. They're colourful as well.


It seems that the paint can brought that influence.