Comedy open mic comedy contest. Round # 20. First entry.

3년 전

How to invite your girlfriend, if you have little or no money. (Part 1: At work).


You are working. Your girlfriend too.
The lunch hour is approaching.
You call your girlfriend on the cell phone and surprise her, saying:
"Sweetie, I invite you to eat outside," she is very excited.
After a while, she calls you back and asks you:
"What happened, my love, where are you?"
You say: "Here, sweetheart, outside the building, in the square. Oh, please, bring your lunch, we'll eat out here. "

Note: This did not happen to me.

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You forgot the step where we need a girlfriend. :'(


My friend who told me sometimes did not know if he was joking or serious.


Are you trying to confuse me? Cuz it's working


ok, don´t worry, i understand you.


Okay I'll kill it - literally outside.
Geddit? 🥁

The last time my wife said, "You're eating out!" I had my mouth full.


That is another way of understanding that expression,ha,ha,ha....


I'm glad you got this play on words. ^^