Comedyopen mic comedy contest. Round15. First entry.

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The innocence of a chil (cruel joke)
When my wife was small, I had a pet rabbit that I loved very much. Although they were poor, she and her little brothers were happy because they played all day with "peluche" (that's how they called the bunny).
Sometimes, they played doctors. "Peluche" was the patient and the children operated and saved him.
One day, "peluche" suffers an accident and sele breaks a leg and got a serious injury.
Then his dad grabs the bunny quickly and says to his daughter: "Run, bring a kitchen knife that I'm going to" save "the rabbit.
She, worried about "stuffed animal", runs as much as she can to the kitchen and brings the knife to her dad, when suddenly SAZ! ..., the dad "saves" the bunny for lunch that day. Who do you think does not like doctors or rabbits?


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