Comedyopenmic comedy contest. Round 14. First entry

3년 전

The sick little boy


A man, a salesman, goes around the neighborhood offering his merchandise to the housewives; and when he get to a door, a sick little boy comes out, with his body twisted, his hands bent and his fists closed.

Wanting to entertain with the seller, he asks with difficulty and drooling, while pointing to his own hands: "Guess, what do I have here?"

The seller, while waiting for the boy's mother, and to gain his confidence, he replies: "In your hands, you have ... .. marbles."

The boy: "No. Tell me what do I have here? "

The seller: "A toy cart".

The boy: "No. What do I have here?"

The salesman was already getting impatient to see that the mother did not arrive and there were still enough houses left to sell; He responds a bit upset: "A few small balls."

The boy: "No. What do i....?

The salesman, already ver angry (or as we say in Venezuela "with the stone outside"), interrupts him abruptly and shouts: "Tell me .. # * & / ... What do you have there?

The boy: "PARALYSIS"



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Thanks for your entry to #comedyopenmic. We have found other content online that is very similar to what you have posted Your entry will not be considered for a prize and will not receive an upvote from our community account. In future, please only post entries that you have created.


Thanks for the advice. I will try to be more careful.I thought it was an original joke.