Comedyopenmic comedy contest. Round 15. Second entry.

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The apostle "smarter" than others.


Legend has it (I do not know which idle inventor) when Jesus and his apostles were preaching and they witnessed his miracles.
Once, the Master orders them to pick up a stone for each one before going several hours through a desert of sand.
Peter, who always wanted to be more "alive" than the others, picks up a small pebble and puts it in his pocket, while the others collect each one, one of considerable size and put it in their bags.
At the end of the road, Jesus tells them: "In proportion to the effort of each one, that those stones that they picked up become loaves, and TRINNN ... the miracle was done.
Peter looked at his tiny piece of bread, almost tiny, and saw the big piece of bread that the others had and they were satisfied, while Pedro walked and he was very very hungry.
Several hours pass, and before climbing a steep hill, Jesus tells them: "Pick up a stone each," and everyone picks up a regular sized stone and puts it in their bags.
Peter thinks: "This is unbearable" and picks up a tremendous stone of this size that did not fit in the bag and had to mount it on his shoulders. The guy was sweating "the big drop" with the stone uphill that he had to roll down the floor.
At the end of the hill, Jesus tells them: "In proportion to the effort of each one, let those stones become TRINNN ...


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That's a lot of stool for one to carry.


That´s right . That's why one can not be ambitious.