Comedy, Open Mic - Comedy Open Mic Round #10

4년 전


Check. Check one. Sibilance. Sibilance.


@benleemusic (because the guy is a legitimate rockstar and actually personally interacts with regular people on Steemit and seems to be a genuine nice dude).

@masummim50 (don’t know them and they don’t know me, I just like their drawings).

To the nominees: This post here is not at all line everything else in the comedyopenmic community. Everyone is is actually, like, you know, funny. So don’t let my trash-tastic effort here dissuade you from participating.

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Upped for using that last tag.

This is one of those rare moments where you could say the word "literally"and it would be the correct usage.



Groan. I threw you an upvote because it is worth fuck all anyhow.


I’m sorry, I thought your name was “profanereviews” not “undercommittedtomildlysarcasticreviews.”

Hit me with some of that sweet profanity!

I want the good shit you keep in the back for the really crappy content.


I can't give you that, because it took cleverness to come up with it. Like Grandpa Hircock cleverness. He could throw groaners out with the best of'em. He could also dismantle a CB mic like a motherfucker.

Well, because you asked I'll give you a little bit.

You dirty, pus gutted cow cunt. Here's half a penny for your fucking trouble.

I hang on my phone waiting for a nugget from you... And this...

Coulda put in a list at least 😅😋