Akio - Waring kingdom kung-fu duel Manga series

3년 전

Akio is our new independent manga / comic series. Check out our latest video for a brief overview.

The story of Akio combines elements from a range of Manga and Anime which we are fans of. The companionship and spirited adventure of series such as Samurai Champloo, and Full metal Alchemist can be found in Akio.

Akio also features intense and vibrant duels between martial arts masters, like those seen in Naruto. There is a deep and mysterious power struggle between the rulers of the kingdoms of Dalos.  This leads to epic, large scale battles that take place throughout the story. Similar to series such as The Heroic legend of Arslan and Kingdom.

We will be posting more info in the coming days and weeks so be sure to follow if this looks like something you're interested in!

Suggestions and feedback are welcomed.


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Whats she smoking in that pipe? ;)


The same thing Afro Samurai be smoking ;)

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very nice content and art imges


Aprreciate it!

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