Bleach manga ENDED

5년 전

I am a fan of Bleach manga. I love that it had philosophy and art to bad the fandom turned negative. I believe the Steemit community can learn something about Otaku or anime fans when you can hate and abuse a manga so badly it basically gets hacked and wrapped up quickly to force it to end. I am seeing the beginnings of things like that here.

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  ·  5년 전

i watch the first chapters, i try to watch three times but i can't follow


The point is you have to be very careful. The manga industry itself suffers because of factors like free screenings online, so it is basically being hacked. At least on the board's everyone participates in the discussion , get likes, and donate bitcoin to the provider of those stolen contents rather than to the author. I wonder why? Isn't there another place where that is supposed to happen much faster and better.