My Comic Book Collection (update 2018)

3년 전

Long time readers might remember the pictures of my comic book collection I posted one year ago. Since then the collection grew and I would like to share, how much. (Pictures were taken by phone. I apologize for the quality.)


















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Ooh, I love some good “shelf porn.” Great library. To this day I’m always struggling to decide how to allocate funds between single issues, nice shelf worthy compilations, and some digital comics. I like them all!
I can see some of your shelves sagging... that’s the sign of a good collection!


I also have a decent digital comics collection. Nothing big, just 200 GB.

I see some Gantz in there! :D If Dark Horse ever manages to publish the whole thing, you'll have some serious issues with 'shelf sag'. That thing ran for something like 380 chapters in Japanese. :)


37 volumes to be precise. And that's not including all those spin offs. Japanese authors aren't exactly the minimalists.