Bought 2 Small Comic & Toy Collections Today

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As I’ve mentioned here countless times before, one of my favorite aspects of owning my comic and toy shop is the ability to purchase collections. I don’t go out hunting for things and haven’t in around a decade now. Instead, they come to me. Sometimes it’s a huge toy collection. Sometimes it’s a box of garbage. Either way it’s always an adventure as we never know what’s going to walk through our door on any given day.

Today I bought 2 small collections. The first one was a tiny action figure collection. It consisted of 8 Spawn figures from McFarlane Toys. Nothing earth shattering or jaw dropping. One of the pieces goes for around $30 bucks. The rest will move at prices between $15-$25 a pop. They will move slowly as these don’t fly out of here but the one that will being in $30ish will definitely move. That wave still seems to be fairly popular as the figures in that wave were based on cool Spawn comic covers.



I felt bad as I would have liked to help the woman out more but these are definitely slow burners. She told me she was trying to raise around $400 bucks for car repairs and would take whatever I could offer. I offered her $25 bucks which all things considering is generous as these will sit for some time. I think she was hoping for $50 but honestly, as I blurted $25 I kinda thought to myself that I was already higher than I wanted to be. I have a rack of about 70 various Spawn figures and I move one or two a month. As I mentioned, not a ton of heat on these at the moment. She ended up accepting and I wished her well with her car repair.

A few transactions in between and another small collection strolled in about an hour later. This one is a bit weird. The seller came in with 2 garbage bags full of randomness. He claimed that a friend of his gave these to him and he plucked out what he wanted to keep. This was the remains.



He’s a regular here that I’ve known for years so I know his story checks out. Right off the bat I noticed the old Black Canary mini bust, the Elektra Gallery PVC statue, and a Wonder Woman & Power Girl statue. Problem is we already have ALL of those.

Before I even browsed the books he told me he would accept $50 bucks. So I offered him the $ store credit. He accepted and decided to hang onto it for a future purchase which I’m totally fine with.

Upon checking out the books I noticed there were some tasty gems in there. Nothing I’ll be able to retire off of but some yumminess nonetheless.




Some notables in this lot include...

  • Amazing Spider-Man #36 (9/11 issue)

  • Sword of Azrael #1 (1st App of Azrael)

  • Avengers #257 (1st App of Nebula)

  • Runawaya #1 (1st App of Runaways)

  • Giant Size Creatures #1 (1st App of Tigra)

  • X-Force #11 (1st App of Real Domino)

  • Avengers #144 (1st App of Hellcat)

  • Ragman #1 (1st Appearance of Ragman)

  • Black Lightning #1 (1st App of Black Lightning)

There are a smattering of other variant covers, cool books, and some junk mixed in as well but overall, a nice chunk of books for what amounts to pretty much nothing.

I’ll pop a few of the 1st Appearances on the wall and I know they will move quickly.

Lastly there were 2 Autographed pics in the lot too. I hate autographed pics as they do nothing for me so I have no idea what to do with either of these.

One is signed by Natalie Dormer who played Margarie Tyrell in Game of Thrones while the other is signed by Krysten Ritter of Jessica Jones fame although the photo is from Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23. Meh...



Until next time!!!

Thx for looking!


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How do you go about authenticating the autographs? At the store where I work, we're always a little leery of anything without a CoA, but at the same time, you don't always get a CoA when you attend a convention signing or other similar event. We tend to err on the side of caution with pricing these kinds of things. Same with you?


Exactly. That’s why we don’t really deal with signed stuff for the most part. I literally have no idea what to do with them. Probably just list em on eBay for a dollar and let it ride. Or I’ll burn em. I dunno. Lol

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