A Very 1970s Carol Danvers Cameo: Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 #61 – September, 1977

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Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 #61 – September, 1977.jpg

Poor Spider-Man must clean-up Reed Richard’s lab after destroying it in a fight alongside WAASP and Yellowjacket. Then suddenly he is attacked by the Invisible Woman, the Thing and Mr. Fantastic, but never by all of them at once. The Human Torch saves him, but Spider-Man attacks him, thinking that he too attacked him.

The Human Torch and Spider-Man talk things out, and talk the plot of the last few issues out, only to realize that the Super-Skrull is now out on the loose again. The Human Torch fights against the Super-Skrull, while the Super-Skrull defeats Spider-Man easily, but Spider-Man always lands on his feet. He thinks of a trap for the Super-Skrull.

Then we switch to Carol Danvers.

Carol Danvers watching the fight.jpg

Danvers sees the battle and is dying to help, but she can’t shack-off the wing commander in order to change into Ms. Marvel. Also, this issue has a different artist than the usual Jim Mooney & Joe Sinnott. Here the artist is John Bryne and his style is so different. Danvers looks like a poster girl for the 70s, in fact, in these two panels she reminds me of Farrah Fawcett (without the famous red swimsuit of course). She is so much more stylish than we’ve seen her in her own issues.

Also, last time we saw Danvers she was at A.I.M’s New-York headquarters which was being attacked by MODOK. I’m guessing that despite the fact that this story is inside the 616 continuity, it’s not in order with Ms. Marvel’s continuity. Not that I care that much. This is a great chance to make Carol Danvers known to a larger audience of readers.

The issue ends with the Human Torch almost dying from a blow given by the Super-Skrull and Spider-Man having to face him head on after his trap failed. But don’t worry, Ms. Marvel will be there to help Spider-Man. Their first out of many famous collaborations.

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Are you re-reading each Marvel Team up and opening it up for discussion? I love the classics. I couldn't get through to your website because I'm at work and it's blocked but I followed you on twitter.


Thank you! I am reviewing each appearance of Carol Danvers in Marvel comics. In this case it includes Marvel Team Up, but not Marvel Team Up specifically. Though it does look like fun. We can discuss anything regardless. That's always fun.

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I cannot even tell you how much I love this idea. It's like monks annotating the Buddha's teachings, but for nerds. Up-voted and followed.


Also, John Byrne rocks.


Yes, he does.