Kickman 15x11

18일 전

Criminal Minds #11


No one could have guessed that Sidekick Matt was really Dr. Foot. What possible motive could he have to wear an obvious Kickman costume into a prison and out himself as a superhero? Well to discover the identity of the prisoner that is obsessed with Kickman of course. Probably the only prisoner that would recognize him in his shoddy faux doctor costume. So that explains everything and ties it up with a neat little bow, right?

Of course it does.

Stay tuned next week for a new chapter of Kickman!

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Ah, a twist in the tail. Hope Matt recovers soon.

So how many arch's does Kick have now?

And maybe Sidekick Matt will learn to wear leg protection.


Actually Tsunami is Kickman, LLC's first official arch-nemesis. Although, Superior Man may count as one although not legally.

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