Prepping and shipping comic books

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One of my biggest gripes is the "Us vs Them" mentality that this industry has. I have heard strictly brick and mortars that online shops have it so much easier, they don't have as much overhead, they're killing the industry, etc. As an owner with a brick and mortar AND online presence, selling online is NOT as easy as some might think. It takes awhile to build an online presence, obtain repeat customers, etc.

Screening, bagging and boarding comics; pulling, prepping and packing orders for shipment all takes exponentially longer than placing comic books on the rack for sale. With a brick and mortar, a customer makes a purchase and leaves. The transaction is complete. Don't get me wrong, both selling online and in person require customer service, albeit on totally different levels but that's a story for another time.


Our retailer exclusive covers being prepped for shipment.


Sometimes we can only get just a few packages out before the postal carrier shows up for pickup.

We have shipments going out every single day except on Sunday. Even on days that we are open, we work before and after getting these orders packed up quickly before the postal carrier picks up. The hardest weeks are when we have an exclusive cover release in addition to our normal orders OR when our comics don't come in on time or arrive DAMAGED! This is so easy, right?

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I love seeing shots of your shop and business... so darn organized, efficient, and inspiring! I'm happy @blewitt wrangled you into posting a bit more often. It's been good having you back in my feed!


we've been buying so many collections so it's a bit of a mess right now! we need a bigger space lol


I know that song and dance too well.

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Thanks for writing this. It vexes me when people see someone doing something successfully and assume it's easy. Never mind the fact that online stores are helping keep this industry alive. Better that they should just say "thank you" and concern themselves with improving their own business

Amen to this. There is nothing easy about any part of the comic or toy industry. I sell both online and at shows. Also been debating a brick and mortar since it has it's own set of advantages...and disadvantage. Honestly people are crazy for thinking that any part of running a business is easy.

BTW, those boxes you are using for shipping. Do you mind sharing your source. Had some like that before and the place closed their doors. I'm out of those and the new style I got are heavier adding to shipping costs.