New Comic Book Day Reviews 6/3/2020! Nancy Drew, Aquaman, The Boys and more!

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We're back! Don't worry about the back wall! It's safe, we just aren't filming in that building this week, but we'll be back there next week! In the meantime, it's time to get some reviews in! And don't @ us, I know I missed the issue numbers twice lol. It's right in the timestamps!

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00:27 - This Week In Trades
03:03 - Aquaman #59
04:03 - Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys #1
05:06 - Birds of Prey #1
06:47 - The Boys: Dear Becky #1
08:15 - Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Something Wicked #1
09:05 - Nailbiter Returns #1

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