Comics and Toy Shop - Would You Buy on Steem?


As I'm sorting out a 54 long box collection of comics I wonder if the Steem Community would want High Grade Key Issue Comics or Vintage Toys to be offered for Steem.

I've tried selling a few things in the past, but now in light of #newsteem and a focus on curating I feel there might be a better chance of items being found compared to in the past.

Here are just a couple examples that I pulled out today:

Comics 00001.jpg

Comics 00002.jpg

Comics 00003.jpg

Comics 00004.jpg

Comics 00005.jpg

These are just a few key issues that I could offer for STEEM or SBD. I would naturally charge shipping and only ship USPS Priority Mail. I ship next business day on all orders from eBay and would do the same here. Think I've been on Steem long enough that there should be plenty of trust built up, if not we can find an agreed upon 3rd party as an escrow for high value items. Any escrow fees charged would be paid by the buyer.

Prices would reflect actual USD value, but in Steem or SBD. If the item is $160 and STEEM is sitting at 16c the price would be 1,000 STEEM.

I'm tagging a few people because I feel they might be interested based on past pasts. Hope you guys don't mind and unless you request me to keep you updated on this type of post I won't do it again. Know @sorceresssupreme has a comic shop in Plymouth, MI and @sagesigma is speculating buying some new Key issues from a couple recent conversations I've had on Steem. A few others I'd like to hear from if possible: @richardfyates, @readingdanvers, @blewitt, @teamashen, @comparestore, @cryplectibles.

Guess I'm wondering if there is a market on Steem for Comics and Toys. If so I'd love to start a Daily Offering Post and find a way to help promote others with shops who also want to sell on Steem. So would you consider buying comics or toys for STEEM? Would you consider selling comics/toys for STEEM?

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I kind of like the idea of a Steem-based virtual swap meet. A dedicated page (or something) where people could post items they have for offer, others could post wish lists of stuff they are looking for, and it's all on the blockchain and cryptocurrency is used for payment. I'm not tech-savvy enough to build something like that myself, but the IDEA is intriguing...

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I am very seriously thinking about building out a website that would use SMTs and the Steem Blockchain. Have a lot of contacts in the comic world after doing shows for 8 years now which could lead to some interesting interviews, exclusive offers, and other cool things that someone without the "Rolodex" of contacts couldn't pull off. Part of the site would be an organized section of items for sale.

This would be a stand alone site that uses the blockchain as it was actually designed to be used. People forget Steemit was only a proof of concept for the blockchain. It's proven that it works. Now it's time for some creative people to start using the blockchain as a ledger. Right now I'd say nobody is doing this better then @aggroed and @yabapmatt with @steemmonsters. They have proven that the blockchain can be for much much more then just a blogging site littered with 40 different front ends all showing the same content.

Do you have any key Harley Quinn or Batgirls? Thanks!

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Right now no, but this collection is in zero order but based on what I'm finding era wise I'm very likely to have some key Harley's. Very solid runs of 1990-2005 and then more hit or miss on either side of that.


@sagesigma here are a couple Harley comics that might be of interest to you.



I think it's a good idea @thedarkhorse. I know there is someone that does it with video games and I can't remember who that is. I am going to share this on other platforms since I know quite a few comic book enthusiasts. Hopefully someone will be interested.


Thanks for sharing. If you figure out who is selling video games tag me on a post so I can see what they are doing.

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yes use this to listthe items on with @steembay the auctions go rtight in the post

that reminds me to put an auction bot in my discord


Didn't realize that was still live. Had looked into previously but I don't do auctions, fixed price only. Auctions even on platforms with a huge user base like eBay are risky. Looks like @steembay is targeting the auction market from looking at it. Even eBay is trying to move away from Auctions as people what to buy something now and have it asap.

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I think it’s great but I have tried several times offering literally insanely stupid deals and had like 2 bites in the 3 times I posted about it. Sadly I just don’t think our community is big enough for that yet. I hope it will be in time. I’d still try though. Put up a post. All it takes is your time. Ya never know, maybe you will move a couple of books. That would be killer.

Give folks an incentive to buy with Steem. Throw out some prices on some of the keys and offer a discount if paid with Steem or something. I’ll be looking and I’ll help share any posts.

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I previously tried to sell some old pokemon packs and the price was more then fair but got some crazy comments about how they felt my price was crazy because Steem was going to be worth more later...well Steem has fallen and those packs are worth more then before. So haven't had any luck so far, but hoping now that people are looking for content again just maybe the time is right. Seems like people are doing more manual curating again which gives me hope.

I may just toss up a couple and see what happens. Really do want to get up to at least 5k SP here and selling a couple books could get me there fast. Might start off with a few better books, but not the $300+ type ones. Get a couple transactions under my belt here that people can reference before asking someone to trust me with $500 or whatever. I have 100% positive feedback on both ebay and Amazon, but still can understand why people might be a little cautious here.


The challenge here is that the user base has a largely "investor" mindset, and sees Steem as an investment tool rather than a liquid currency. As such, people still look at the long term value of Steem rather than the here and now price.

You could try to incentivise it by offering a "rebate" in the form of SBI shares or something?


That is very true about the mindset of so many here. The idea of SBI shares as a bonus might make sense to help offset some of the costs. Maybe whatever the shipping costs are I can offer that many SBI shares or something.

Since this is how I pay my bills anything sold here is taking income from the house so can't be to crazy about incentives.


I understand. I guess that's where SBI can be win/win because you're getting a share for yourself at the same time as sponsoring your customer. Of course you still need to balance out your obligations to the household.

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I'm a big fan of @sbi and what @josephsavage set up. Naturally the long term benefit of doing this just means a slow ROI vs a fast one...but honestly I wouldn't be looking to sell the STEEM earned anyways so not sure why I went there. My thought process is to try and pick up some STEEM and I'm looking at Steem as a long term investment. My oldest is in 8th grade and my hope is that by the time she is done with High School my time and monetary investments into Steem will give her options.

Long story short, you have a great idea there.


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