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If @jerrybanfield is witness spot 35 and inactive... but i am active since before launch and strugle to hit 89 lol... then things need to change? How can someone be 35 when they are inactive... :/


I also spoke out against this situation but most of the witnesses think I'm a crack baby. Here was my video I made to @jerrybanfield to let me take over that #35 th spot.


I'd like to see something implemented so that witness votes decay after a certain period of time, that way it's continuously shuffling. Coupling that with some incentive to vote would be cool, too.


Good question - same goes with this new Steem UA spots and the "trust" any witness simply gets - no system is perfect isn't it :-)?

hehehe lol i guess all those who are following you reason you better know :p


250 comments if you have lucky.

+1 from me, appreciate it Bernie, you are so lucky right now.

Next time try to create more meaningful shit post and you will be a winner.



@berniesanders has beat 250 comments, guess he just has #shitluck :)


How can a post be both meaningful and shit?

depends on how many comments you upvote. i am sure all 1 million accounts would comment if you auto upvoted every comment hah.


Ah, I was ready for more than one :(


As many as they can reproduce like a virus... Ther no limit to be shit 😁😁😁😁

I think it will not be possible to get past the 500 mark, if it is not interesting

I could probably get a total of ~20 or so, at the most, even if it was a quality post. If I had enough Steem Power to actually make a difference, in terms of rewards, I'd probably get well-more than 40.

With your upvotes worth $0.40-$0.35 on each comment, I bet you'll get about ~30 or so. It's actually funny how people worship and kiss ass due to upvotes worth a few cents.


Haha, perhaps in your book... :D

I don't have any problems with people trying to make friends, build some sort of relationship, grow and build an audience or whatever. That's the purpose of social media when you mix it with money. Well, that's the purpose of it, according to me.

However, the social part is basically non-existent, with few exceptions. And even though I love the initiatives of the different curation leagues and whatever we have, it's extremely weird that we are in need of such projects, because all it does, is to get people to use social media like social media should be used.

The trending page is ridiculous and should be moved to the "promoted" category instead. The only thing the trending page does, is to fool new people... And that hurt us when it comes to user retention. People join steemit filled with hopes of luxury and mansions. They publish a post and earn $0,01 and quit. No wonder we have 1.3 million accounts or whatever...

It's really sad to see all the shit, but that's unfortunately the reality of Steemit. People have, and always will lick whale-balls and kiss ass, because that, and buying votes are literally the only way to earn money. I really hope that we'll get a nice fix to it all.


Sad truth.


I'm actually building a frontend that tries to make Steem a bit more social and better by not showing promoted posts at all. Also there's a bit more emphasis on actual vote counts than just the payout values. It's still early but I'm all ears for any ideas and any support is always than welcome. The first alpha build is going up soon!


Awesome. I don't mind promotion, but the idea of customizing front ends for different types of users and wants is exciting! I hope your front end project does really well!


Thank you. Steem can be used in so many ways that we're just barely scratching the surface.

26 in 15 minutes as of now, ~104 per hour, I'm gonna say 500ish.

So far there are 32 comments, I am hopeful it will go beyond hundreds.

Exponential to the number of shit people 🤣🤣🤣

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I think infinity number of comments in negative way.....😀
Just i think....
Its my first comment on your post. I have recently added you in my list.
But no post. Yes comment... hahahaha

The number of comments your post will get :P

P.s something stupid

It depends upon the rankings. are you talking about the trending?


It depends upon
The rankings. are you talking
About the trending?

                 - abdulmanan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


'Insert generic shit post' lol like all the post and you easy get loads of comments

a shit post get a good bit if the person that posted uses bidbots, the desperate people want votes too

you get 101 comments. sometimes more comemments,
you are very kind

How many comments can a shit post get?
Answer is always 42

Wow Mr Bernie, you get lots of people commenting here than on my buck post. I get one and it's a bot comment for photography tag.

Give me A Vote Too Please.....................................................

Oh Shit I Really Donot No Shut Up All Of You Guys.

About as many as a shit-post could post if a shit-post could post shit.


A shit load. 1234567890-=qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,./;'[]`

Many comments, because you are very popular and very good.

An upvote and a comment for you?!?
Do you need anything else?


hey! thanks! ;)

Even if the post is bad, the comments can be awesome!

I wondered how many comments you've already got for your short posts. It's not that I don't like short posts, I like them more than long posts, but I feel the "whale effect" when you post "I like water" and everybody blows their minds. :)
Anyway, these are interesting experiments.

lol This is the best post I have seen today and holy shit look at those tags there beautiful. cheers my friends!!! :)

It depends on the shitposts value.
!popcorn courtesy of @nextgencrypto <--- Vote for witness.

Dammit I got shit on my nose.


Most of my shit post dey average 45 - 49 upvote . i hope this shitest one will earned me upvote

It depends on the number of people that find the post worthy of commenting and upvoting.

Is this the most valuable shitpost in the world now?

None I guess, except this one.
But then the world is a crazy



Thank you, igster :B


No problem at all

Commenting pure sh1t is fun!

After scrolling down multiple social media platforms for a few minutes it appears the comment potential is limitless!

500 comments i upvoted resteemed followed you

Depends on how shitty the post is.

a lot when you mention it

I'm late? I am late??? ....shit!

more than enough

hell yes. better than most of the shit in trending.

Shit loads!

Ha! I bet you want some !popcorn . With the help of @automation, probably a thousand.


I just like to talk it's funny to get your reaction.


I bet its counted right?


Yep no air no land I live in the vacume of space.

i m 205 th

who is 206th???

One more Comment for a shit post. 😅😅

what's happening here?

What a great idea a post of pure comments

It depends how many bots can be used to make it viral

More than you can even imagine.

Please follow and upvote 😆😆😆😆

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looks like ovet 1000

As many as humans can shit :P

For a shitty post you will get a shitload of comment so long you dont mind people spewing shit

Shit: Ship-High-In-Transit. That's what is stamped on the bags of cow manure being transported on ships. It is stamped on the bags to warn of explosive gas generated when sea water comes in contact with manure.

count bad words not a commets
few from me @##$$^@#!@#%^&(%$#@!#!$%$^^
count this also....(lol)

Exactly that many this post is getting .

Ill do i nice meme of trump holding our beloved argentine president

No one cares, no one votes... And bid bots blacklisted me cause i wrote about politics (banned toppic on TOC from minnowbooster)

They cut my wings.

Right before this post is available to payout you can change he wording of it to embarrass all these people. Wouldnt that be fun? Make everyone guess what Bernie will do next?

prepare to fight in steem monster


This shit is no legal en steemit...flag with you..!

just kidding..!

A lot of comments :)

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Hola Bernie \o/ up \o/

still counting lol, break the rule.

No existe realmente una publicación mierda. Pensar eso es subjetivo, para lo que es mierda para unos, es crema de primera para otros.
Todo depende del color del cristal con que se mire!
Será que mi comentario es CACA!

hello bernie nice


Free upvotes? Well... why the hell not? Oh and noticed someone else use this image. Relevant.


At least 155

Exponentially to the number of shit people 🤣🤣🤣

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One more than before.

I bet you can get a this.jpg tone of comments

1,000 really shouldn't be that hard

I like this experiment. 243 is my guess. Also I would like to predict that Wang Wei goes on a serial killing spree. Predicting stuff on blockchains is fun :)