Visitation Or Connecting To a Higher Source

8개월 전


We often look at the possibility of opportunity and adventure by perusing enticing magazines or websites that give us a taste of a life that seems out of reach to us. The wonderful imagery of the Visitation card is not about little green men, but it does represent a higher knowledge outside of ourselves.

Opportunities we yearn for and living a life that transcends beyond routine drudgery does not require transportation to distant lands. New vistas of experience and wonder can begin to take place when we consciously step out of our established patterns. When we begin to forge new paths, the synchronicities that occur are not coincidences, they are messages from the Visitor nudging you forward. Is the Visitor a connection to a higher communicating frequency or is it simply you connecting with yourself in a way that has been neglected?

A key to connecting to the Visitor is knowing that the elements that we are composed of do not begin and end with us; we are but a part of an infinite whole. When we free ourselves of useless distraction and old patterns, mental enslavement is lifted and new connections are possible. Belief and patience is required at this time as we experience the subtle newness that will become more apparent over time.

Eliminating the unnecessary and our willful intention opens pathways that work both ways, then the wisdom of the Visitor will be our own.

Note: My interpretation is but a glimmer of what is. From the Enigma oracle deck of Daniel Martin Diaz.


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