Giving Little Our Knowledge About Steemit Starting From The Beginning Is A Very Valuable Lesson For Beginner Steemians

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Very many people were advised by Steemit, and information about him was very difficult to find. As a new steemian joins, you have to read a lot of posts or content made by other brother steemians and also have to ask a lot to understand Steemit completely. Steemit was created by @Ned Scott which, it is very important to be immediately known so that people can immediately benefit from the presence of the Steemit platform. And in this post I want to discuss a little of my knowledge that might be a reading for beginners and become a teaching material for the steemians #promo-steem when developing steemit in their respective regions.

@ned - SteemitCreator

Steemit is social media like other social media, like Facebook, Through Steemit we also interact through content both text, images and videos. On the Steemit platform, our content will be rewarded with rewards per week with Steem, while on other social media we will only be rewarded with likes. Many people wonder why we will be paid, because Steemit is a social media platform that runs on blockchain technology, just like BitCoin and Ethereum.

Steemit is decentralized, while Facebook is centralized. Centralization means there is an owner, while decentralization places us as the owner of our account (private key, posting key, reward key and owner key). Very different from Facebook, ours is not only us who owns but also has access by the owner.

Blockchain is a large book that can be accessed and managed by the public, in which all transactions recorded by all users are recorded. However, how to get a reward from a post! if the content we make in Steemit is considered attractive and given an upvote by readers who are also members who already have an account in Steemit.

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The content creator can choose 100% Steem Power rewards or default on 50% liquid currency (a combination of STEEM and Steem Dollars) and 50% STEEM Power between content creators and voters. According to my 50-50 choice, the reward given in the form of 50% SBD and 50% Steem Power to Steemian for example there are 2 SBD then we also get 2 Steem Power. But in the past few weeks the creator of the content is only Steem and Steem Power, probably due to steem prices being dropped. More than that, in the context of interaction, if people upvote our content, we will also return votes to people.

Steem is the same as bitcoin in digital currency (cryptocurrency). Crypto currencies are also cheap payment instruments, and are free, free of charge if transferred internationally. In Steemit there are two types of steem values, namely Steem Power and Steem Dollar (SBD). Different from BitCoin, all transactions that occur on blockchain are free. If on BitCoin the miners must pay energy to mine. In Steemit, mining with free content is free. Also do not need to bring capital to be part of Steemit, your capital is the content you post.

What is very important in steemit is building friends or community, building communication and relationships to cooperate with each other to produce upvote, comment, and resteem. It is this interaction on posts that generates monetary rewards for all who take part, posting owners, commentators, who do upvote and resteem.

That's just my knowledge, my hope is for beginner steemians to be able to find out more about steemit, and we can use my post this time together for materials to do #promo-steem activities.

Thank you for visiting my post

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