Hi everyone, how are you all today, yes ... of course we are looking forward to health and the opportunity to be able to do each other's activities, in exploring this world of steemit we must join the community so that our knowledge increases and also with the community we will find a difference.

Now, before joining the neighboring community, we already know what is a community and what is the purpose of forming a community. Community is a group that comes from several people or groups of groups who interact and collaborate in certain regions and places to share with each other and usually have the same interests, yes ... of course it must be, because in our community we must unite our minds.


Communities are also often referred to as a group which shows the similarity of social criteria as a characteristic of its membership, for example such as the similarity of profession, similarity of place of residence, similarity of hobbies, etc., for example steemit groups, community groups, agricultural groups and many other groups. The purpose of forming a community is to be able to help each other in producing something with members by implementing good cooperation, something that is a goal that has been determined previously.


For example we form a business community like the Steemit community, in the Steemit community we will get various kinds of information about steemit. We will also carry out missions called #promo-steem, our goal is the community and we can provide the latest information to each other.

We can establish good relationships with people who share the same thoughts and goals. We can know and be aware of programs and offers that are deceptive. For example, we run a business on the internet because cyberspace can be used as business land, and there are also many people who try to commit fraud. By community or interacting we can commemorate and share experiences.


For the running of the mission or purpose of a group or community we must gather members who work and are truly reliable because the name of the community must have its members and its members must be reliable to achieve goals.


We Determine the media in accordance with the goals to be achieved by the community today is not enough to just face to face, using face to face media certainly requires a place where meetings can be held, so the limited time and scope and planning activities require a lot of preparation, this is where the internet is with using the internet or social media community members can interact with each other by creating groups, forums and so on so that goals will be quickly achieved.


We also have to plan programs and prepare resources, of course forming a community must also make programs, not just create communities on the basis of enthusiasm and will. With the programs and goals that we make in the community together, we really hope that these goals will quickly materialize smoothly.

Thank you for visiting my post


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