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Hello steemians,

Thank you for all your comments, today i've upvoted and quote two comments from asaj and jasonmunapasee:


What do you tell individuals you invite to steemit? from asaj

Social media and steemit are all about communication, it is a vast and complicated subject and i will only share some of my thoughts to stay focus on the main idea.

When i want to introduce steemit to someone i try to adapt my speech to the audience.

What we say or write doesn't have the same impacts depending on the interlocutor ,his state of mind, the context, the moment choosen to share our thoughts.
The words we employ are so tactical and critical, facial expression decoding, voice tone employed and obviously what part of the information you highlight in your speech.

When we think about it it is so complicated to communicate, it represents the main challenge and source of human lack of understanding creating so many conflicts between us.

It is an art to be able to vehiculate and articulate our thoughts, is it possible to master this art, what are the limits? How could we invent new channels of communication? How could we perfect our communication?...

I think it's all about adaptation, be conscious of the state of mind of our interlocutor, read how the person react to our speech, learn what aspects of our communication impact him the most and follow the flow of the conversation as naturally as possible.

We have to connect ourself to the audience and try to synchronize our brains to create a free channel of communication.

When you introduce steemit to someone according to the interlocutor interest, he will ask you differents questions and prefer to talk about different aspects of the platform.

For example, if you introduce steemit to your grand mother not technology oriented for sure you will skip almost all technical part of the platform unless she ask you questions about it.

A tech savvy persons will probably like to understand understand how it works, somebody in need of quick money and a bit greedy will ask you how much he can expect to win, how fast and could he trick the system to maximize profits.

An economist will ask you many questions about who buy the tokens, why? what are the rewards? how it is distributed? How the ecosystem is viable...

You understood my point, communication is an adaptative art almost impossible to master.

When we post on steemit and we speak to large audience, there is no way to really control how our words will impact each person.
Maybe we change lifes of some person and don't even know or anticipated such reactions. It is out of control!

Communication is the invisible link between humans brains network.


this is where my first experience can communicate directly with people between countries and cultures .. from jasonmunapasee

I am so glad to have read your comments because it sparked a crazy idea into my mind.

We know blockchain is immutable in theory once you post on steemit it stay visible forever.

Such pressure to write anything!

My mistakes, my weakness, my biased reasoning... all visible for eternity?!

In fact this is great because steemit open a new and novel way to communicate, if we desire to!

Imagine steemit and blockchain break boundaries between generation and we are now able to learn from the past to create a better futur.

What privilege it could be to return back to a "share my thoughts" particular post from 200 years ago and still continue to keep the discussion going from generation to generation.

In share your toughts post, don't hesitate to comments each others, debate, contradict, share knowledge and keep the discussion going, pop in anytime you like on any subject, feel free to communicate, ideas, passion, reasoning, share it to create a multi generational communication bridge.

Havea great day from whatever era you are :)

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When I first got on here I was also thinking about having kids. I liked the idea that when I actually get Prego that I could start writing letters to my child via the blockchain. My mom died when I was in my early 20s and I always wished that she would have written down some advice for me somewhere. So I in turn hope that maybe when I am dead and buried my kids could still come to my feed and review my advice or words of love when they need it.

I like this idea.

I had a discussion once with a poster who was planning to include all his writings on the steem blockchain, not just for current readers, but as a library for his family, for his children and for their descendents. A legacy of his work stored for all time.

It's a lovely idea on which you expand. That we can pass down not just our stories, but our discussions and ideas, an immutable record of what life is like now and our thoughts for the future, for the next generation to study and engage with.

In this exciting time where blockchain technology is in its infancy and we are its pioneers, can we use the technology to widen our engagement, not just among ourselves, an act which is to be celebrated in itself, but with our future?

You are absolutely right my dear brother @damarth; since communication has played a very important role in the human being and in its development and progress.
The media have been consistent with the progress of the moment, that is why we see the contribution of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone and today that phone has been modernized (cellular) and is the fundamental basis in our communications today.
When referring to the mass media such as social networks on the Internet and especially in Steemit, the message is decisive, the quality of that message is how to adequately express the message that motivates and causes interest? To whom is that message addressed? Do you use a technical language or a "popular" language? Be extensive and go straight to the subject?

I've been searching on this platform for a week now looking for something I enjoy. This is it. You started something new, where people are actually having meaningful conversations. Also, I definitely like your idea. If we want to express our thoughts and ideas at the moment but have no one to tell them or nowhere to go, we come and express them here. Starting conversations across the globe is really something :)

This is exactly the thread I need for my plans on promoting Steemit on local TV and radio stations! Im patiently reading everybodys comment on this as it will give me more idea on how to present our platform properly!! Thank you guys! :-)

I think steemit is all about connecting with people from different countries, cultures and belief. The emphasis must be on adding value to the community in whatever little way and learning new things everyday. It is also important to keep financial expectations in check, most people have very high expectations when they join and get frustrated when it does not pan out. I have learnt to just be myself and have fun.


Well said, Steemit is multi cultural and what I love about it is that I can see into the daily lives of individuals whom I would not get to see elsewhere. Being yourself on here is the best way to be creative while also basking in the multicultural knowledge :)

Sharing is one of the most important elements of communication. If you stop sharing, you can see that all the people around you are missing. As you share, you can observe that the people around you are increasing. You can imagine people being the beneficiaries and even want to get away from them.So the steemit family is wonderful !! @damarth

Nice,it is important to tailor your speech to interest of the person you are inviting...I just told a Friend that post interesting stuff on Facebook alot. "You make good posts on Facebook, come and be doing it on Steemit and get paid for it, the likes there are money and money is like bitcoin". I sent him to my account and he is waiting for his approval.

It is about finding the way to capture the person interest without saying too much because the main points get lost in too much talk. The problems I am having are 'it can't be real' people (though this one will be out of it when I make enough to payout - seeing is believing) and the 'I can't write' people.

Well... about newbies who come to the platform and have no clue how to behave, hehehe.
I'm one of them. And it's the first time I can actually talk to so many different people from all around the world.

So community upvotes you and you upvote them. Everything is based on that token that has it's own value and gives a chance to earn money while sharing something about your life with the community.

I'm still not sure how everything works. But it's more fun to communicate here than on facebook lol.

Steemit has changed the lives of many people, the way of relating to a social network where those who participate value content, comments, is to fight against what they have imposed, where information is stored and sold, thanks to the blockchain our comments are recorded there, it is a dynamic in which we must all participate.
For countries that seek to control the lives of citizens, in our case Venezuela, I am from Venezuela can not buy dollars or any other currency, I learned bitcoin 3 and a half years ago, and cryptocurrencies have changed my way of seeing the life, I still do not have bank accounts, but if I use cryptocurrencies at 20 years of age, the different uses given to the blockchain serve to make a process transparent and that is what we need to eliminate corruption in the countries of the world, someday the elections will be made using the blockchain and we will all see the results in real time, we will be able to see how they use our taxes and that so much of the money goes to education, health, security, we can be more free, the blockchain can make a world fairer.

Para países donde se busque controlar la vida de los ciudadanos, en nuestro caso Venezuela, yo soy de venezuela no podemos adquirir dolares o cualquier otra divisa, yo aprendi de bitcoin hace 3 años y medio, y las criptomonedas han cambiado mi forma de ver la vida, aun no poseo cuentas bancarias, pero si use criptomonedas a mis 20 años, los distintos usos que se le da a la blockchain sirven para ser transparente un proceso y es lo que necesitamos para eliminar la corrupcion en los paises del mundo, algun dia las elecciones se van hacer usando la blockchain y todos veremos en tiempo real los resultados, podremos ver para que usan nuestros impuestos y que tanto % del dinero va destinado a educacion, salud, seguridad, podemos ser mas libres , la blockchain puede hacer un mundo mas justo.

Based on my opinion, communication is not only to understand each other from one side, but communication is also a tool to give various information. If there are two people who don't have good communication each other , they will not exchange anything they want. We have to know that information is expensive. One valuable information can give real effect with something.

And It also with steemit, steemit direct people to develop their skill especially in writing. Writing skill is very important in steemit because good writing will easy to understand for the reader. For example, if someone writes about poetry, the author must be write the poetry well , so that it can easy to understand.

Steemit is also as a information warehouse . Aku lot of information provided here.

From the social side, I have no doubt with that because of steemit , we can find many friends from 5 continent. That's why I am very focus with steemit. I try to introduce Indonesian culture, as we known that Indonesia have thousand of different culture and It is very important to learn.

For me, steemit is greatly contributed

I am glad joining this platform.

Keep supporting the newcomer in steemit @damarth . I observe that you're so active in supporting them.
Your hand is a motivation for them :)

I'm just like you. I used to experience. the first time i introduced steemit to someone and he insulted me and now i have managed to bring everyone around me in steemit. but the first person insult me ​​he is now not playing steemit. not he tidsk want to play steemit but he did not have money to buy a mobile phone. and I've given half the price of the phone but he still prestige

your post is very amazing. and I have done my same promise to you. I've made a new post about your signature. and I came in this time just to tell you that I have done my promise.

I am very happy to see your post at this time. Associated with the winners who have had many arguments in all these areas first of all I congratulate them. To criticize the winner I will not criticize it, but I am very proud of the sponsor you give to the winner. So that beginners or who have long been in this steemit platform will continue to hone his work in making posts and commenting in accordance with the contents of the postings of someone who does not deviate. Finally I say thank you to those who have given support either directly or indirectly in this steemit platform. And especially for the winners I congratulate.

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Your systematic approach to answering questions is absolutely impressive. You always amuse me with your logical analogy of a given subject. Thank you for taking your time to read my (and other user's) comments and giving me (and the steem community at large) clear and illustrated answers; the examples are well fitting, and helps to drive home your point. I absolutely agree with your intellection.

Imagine steemit and blockchain break boundaries between generation and we are now able to learn from the past to create a better future.
Correspondingly, the evolution of steemit as a social media is a milestone in this generation; making information withstand the test of time. In 20 years, your theories, expressions and the thoughts you shared on this community would still be valued.
Hence, leading to my next question. What can we, as an individual and members of this community do to make steemit a bank of not just crytocurrency, but of intellectual knowledge? In order words; What should we consider before making a post on steemit? So that we do not end up having regrets or shame when we see our posts in the future or our children pointing it out to us.

Asa J.

The first time I am very grateful for you @damarth, because it has taken my stake as the subject matter of the story.

In steemit development it is greatly advancing new life, for all new users in steemit feel free to hesitate to communicate with the sharing of culture and other countries, with you commenting on the posts of others your experience will be more extensive and growing,

My hope for new steemit users should not be the origin of people posting comments, preferably for new users in steemit reading first postings of others.
And do not hesitate to ask questions related to the post that in raise.
Inside this steemit is a place to communicate among steemit users and a place to look for our future experiences.

What I hope once again to the new steemit user, do not be the origin of comments in fellow users post steemit, because that would be a problem for yourself.

thanks for all #steemit users.

Greetings @damarth ! Do you think Steemit has what it takes to be one of the top 10 global social media platforms?
Do you have any idea where I could find information on the adoption rate of Steemit?
Great analysis of steem,Thanks for giving us a good post

I follow your posts. they are great. I have also written on Steemit topic and the business model it seems they have, here:

I'll be glad to have your opinion.

Very valuable information
Thank you for your information

Communication is a bridge between people who want to negotiate. Strengthening this bridge will make it easier to get going. If this bridge is bruised, it will reduce going-round or shopping. That is why every person has to have good communication skills.Steemit is helping us improve this talent.So I love Steemit :))
Thanks for sharing..

First of all, spending time is very valuable. And if you do not spend that time unnecessarily, spend it on Steemit. Take away your labor.
Who would not want to be in a social media network that values you? @damarth


I comment on you for days, I hope today is a lucky day :) @damarth


Every day is a lucky day because we are still alive!


thanks a lot :) Every day is a lucky day because we are still alive! and a lucky day we met with good and supportive people .. @damarth

Semoga anda sukses selalu..

I really like people like your friends and I also really like your friend in steemit and also I am very happy to follow you in this steemit and many more that I like in steemit .. and I can really match with you in this steemit friend ..and my future hope that can play this full steemit here

as a newcomer to steemit's social media, your writing gives me the knowledge of steemit.
I also have a problem to explain about what is steemit to my friends. During this time, they are quite active in social media, but unfortunately they are not interested in trying steemit yet.

with the material from you, I will try to attract the attention so that they will move to steemit. thanks.

I rather say that steemit is about connecting with peoples from any where in world, cultures and beliefs. Emphasis should slightly add value to the community and learn new things every day.
It is also important to ensure that financial expectations are in check, most people have a very high expectationz when they join and feel frustrated when they do not feel angry/panic. I learned to be myself and have fun here @damarth😊😊😊

thank you for the information @damarth, first I know the steemit of my friend, I want to try it, as I begin to realize that steemit is very easy to communicate with other people from various countries by making post to recognize the structure in various parts of the world, steemit can make it as a news media and get rewards for other users, at that time I try to introduce to others with a variety of, make clothes with stemit logo, and invite with the appeal of steemit very different from other social media in the world, early they believe that by using steemit to be a new life reference, with steemit we can open the window of the world and can get a big reward. according to me the best steemit now the fan of the future will always be successful, my question @damarth , will this steemit survive .... ???? i hope ya.semoga steemit will always be great on this earth ... greetings from me @adi.pisces

Again I tell you that your initiative is good to make these conversations among all the steemians to get into more topics of the platform, keep this friend I congratulate you. So we can make this social network better with your project I support you full friend day by day

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thanks for your post @damarth, i am encouraged by your post about sharing our thoughts , don't hesitate to comments each other , try to show our own ideas to everybody, feel free to communicate with other steemians, good post , thanks for your encouraging.

Woah, I've never looked at it this way. I mean, whatever you post on steemit, it stays here forever and it cannot be erased. It definitely puts some pressure on what everyone should be posting.
Whenever I introduce someone to steemit, mostly the first question is "How much will I be able to make here?". I think they miss out on the part that this is a social media and your primary goal shouldn't be to make as much money as possible. Communication is the most important part, at least in my opinion :)

Keep up the good work that you're doing here. @Damarth

with the presence of this community will help, other steemit users, to participate in this post, thank you

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this is a very good comment from @asaj and @jasonmunapasee.

steemit is a place for us to communicate between cultures, with steemit we can exchange our thoughts among others, and here we can ask questions directly.

Steemit is the place to solve the problem by the way we asked questions directly.

Many problems can be solved here by our way of questioning.

This is so a perfect good to follow you for more. Interesting post.

I salute on this post .. I think you are very genius .. Who read your post I am sure there are confused unless they have full and mature sense.

I think this steemit is a global communication .. Different fecebook that and the general fuel its the surrounding area .. But steemit covers the world and is indeed a global home page ..
Steemit the world only in 2016 .. Make all focused with steemit for those who have a steemit account of his taste forget other games .. Karna in addition to know each other also become a new business event .. Maybe next few years steemit will be the tranding business in the world. And a new communion in the end of the era .. Which can not be competed by communication as well as the most satisfying business for all circles .. Karna not necessarily have much capital will get a lot of benefits ... Only this my input terimakasi salam world steemit friend

Keeping in mind that my future grand grand grand son is watching over my shoulder, laughing at ye old English language i'm currently using, i will try to articulate myself to the best of my abilities.

I love your idea of saving thought into eternity. My reason for being on this platform is to spread ideas, and to have great discussions. While i do believe that the discussion aspect is somewhat lacking, as of now, i hope that this will change in the future, as the platform matures. I want this platform to allow users to live off writing about their passion, and i want to help them do that. This platform should be for discussing everything from black holes, to your favorite pie recipe.
However, if we want the "share my thought with time itself" idea to work, we need to somehow sort it. So our future grandchildren will see the truly groundbreaking ideas, rather than pictures posted by bots.
I personally can't wait for the future, and i think we are all helping making it brighter :) Have a great day @damarth! And everybody else :)

I have so many friends to invite and others are already a steemians . I teach them some advices . And they are all goods ..they do research on how steemit works

I am really grateful for this opportunity.

Since surfing the internet, I have never come across any platform that have given me great joy the way that steemit is doing.

Steemit means to me a platform capable of translating the unheard to the most heard, the unreached to the known, the pauper to the giver, the disadvantaged and deprived to the respected; and steemit is NOT for lazy people. I have seen steemit in its practical sense create job for the unemployed and underemployed in Nigeria. Personally, there are so many things in my life now that would have been impossible without steemit.

First, I resigned from work in November 2017 to return to the village to farm and steem. That was even before a boom in SBD and thankfully I am enjoying the decision I made. Though I lost my laptop and now rely on my phone to steem, I am more comfortable and enjoying this decision. Now, I have got a farm, (poultry farm) though started with few birds, but I am happy that I embraced steemit to the point that I have left everything else to concentrate on it as a source.

For me, I was motivated most by the financial aspect of steemit when @ejemai explained the capacity that steemit stands to build in my life. Few months down the line, I am fully persuaded that steemit has made a mark that no other platform can compete with.

I am presently growing to a stage where I can fully say that I SteemIT for a living.

Great job @damarth, I can become a wealthy man just dropping my comments on your blog: what other platform can do this? Steemit is the only platform I know now where the have make the havesnot, have: and this (steemit) is more than words can explain.

Thanks for this privilege.
I am

Goof question asked. Perfect answer recieved. Steemit is a social community. Never come in with the mindset of 'whats in for me" come, have fun, explore, make friends just like you do on every social media platform. The rewards would follow.

As you share, you can observe that the people around you are increasing. Very valuable information . Thank you for your information

Wau, A very good idea,

I work daily as a journalist in one of the media in Indonesia, I meet many speakers, so I took the time to share about the growing blockchain technology, especially with the increase in the price of steam is very high.

So I take steps to take promotional actions against blockchain technology and steemit benefits for the community, this is the center of my attention to them, because the ordinary people do not know what is blockchain technology. and the main step I have to introduce it to them, then about steemit, as well as the digital currency that is in blockchain technology.

I like this post which offers comments for promoters' suggestions. as we move with time, and get to the top.

thanks by @ taministy

you have very simple ways of helping guys congrats for that.

My comments today, with the steemit, everyone can work and will appreciate the work of someone with steam dollars and steam, and can reduce unemployment in the world, and with the steemit we can recognize various nations and cultures and can interact with great people, and it will be easy to earn fast money, and here we can work according to what we want to post, and I see many people using steemit, and its postings depend on what they want, and steemit adds insight and makes people love to read and writing and steemit is very amazing, greetings from me @suhadi

  ·  3년 전

Visible for eternity. Interesting...
It's really something... how people differently look at things around them.
Someone would care about their steem profit or other boring stuff but you actually brought an idea that I've never seen in discussions here before.

My own children after many years reading my embarrassing legacy on steemit.
Right now I don't have one, maybe I'll think about it later, hmmm...

This is exactly the thread I need for my plans on promoting Steemit on local TV and radio stations! Im patiently reading everybodys comment on this as it will give me more idea on how to present our platform properly!! Thank you guys! :-

So true about communication and the different people you are trying to reach or talk to. I am very straight forward and simple when I write on my blog or here. That is how I think, and I am very conscious of my time and how I spend it. I think many people appreciate that and were drawn to me by that. However, others could not see past my gramitcal errors.

I love the saying: if you are pleasing everyone you are doing something wrong. Not everyone you like what you have to say, how you say it, or the topics you discuss. Focus on the people who appreciate you and help the people who want help. Do not try to be perfect and please everyone or you will end up saying nothing at all and nobody will listen.

One thing I love about blockchain is the transparency of posts and you can see everyone's activity.

with this steemit I am very glad that steemit could bring to our success and increase our insight, and can communicate with people overseas, I am very glad to have joined steemit hopefully I succeed with this steemit, and also @damarth good luck always.

Nice knife and good summary

This is great!
Steemit gives you confidence. I dont know of any platform that one can so confident in as i do with steemit judging by how ponzi schemes have removed the word 'trust' from the internet space.

I have been away from steemit because of the demand of work but when i saw a woman whose life gave me a deep rethink, i am very convinced that steemit is immutable unlike my job. I made a post with my main aim of raising funds for this lady to buy a vegetable slicer ( and the response in just a day is boosting my confidence in steemit the more.
I come from Nigeria where the rich does not create a bridge for the next generation but in less than 7days steemit can meet a need that someone may never achieve in 7years of working.

Wouldn't i rather be steeming than working in an organization that may not value me?
@damarth, thank you for the way you are helping people grow by this encouragement.

Nowadays fast food isn't only at fast food joints! People are triggered by easy to digest content and lured by flashing click baits! That's that. On Steemit though, it's possible to have a vol-de-face, because content creation is key, and all af us should play a defensive role regarding spamming, and other types of misusage of this platform. That's my perspective, and Steemit will become what the users do with it!

Yes @damarth You are absolutely right because since Communication has assumed an imperative part in the individual and in its advancement. So this is just the great idea. Social media made the communication much better

the truth is I'm new in social media, sometimes on twitter I do not have facebook seriously and I feel that I have not yet reached the level of confidence to share thoughts and I mean serious thoughts, ideas and advice on the other hand I think it's the most interesting , it always helps to see things from another view. Lovely idea and you should know that you made me think about this whole thing and i will.

We were invited by the author when we randomly met at the TVR stand at Goodwood Revival, she and @S0u1 explained to us about the platform, explaining the concept and the audience and of course the tech behind it. We jumped on straight away and started the journey, and we've been here sharing our automotive content ever since.

We've tried introducing people, and they either say no or say they'll try and either make an account and never use it or don't get that far.

Of we were told by the guys who introduced, we were only part of a handful who moved forward and adopted the platform, great to see you writing again.

Whenever I have friends who ask me about steemit I always say that some things are best experienced than just learned by mind. Of course I'll say this is an awesome platform because it really is but it's best if they try it themselves. Some people might say that this is a place to make money but for me, this is a place where you can always express your thoughts and feeling without getting judged or mistreated. Steemit is an awesome place to feel at home so let's all try to keep this wonderful place truly a "wonderful place".

Thanks for this. A place where we can rub minds is important for this platform. When I invite someone to join Steemit, I usually tell them they might get no rewards. This is important because when they see low payouts on their posts, I wouldn't get complaints.

I wrote an article recently on some questions I ask myself before posting on Steemit, they include:

Does this post show my opinion? If I see this post in a year's time, will I be proud of it? What value does this add to Steemit?

Steemit is a knowledge bank, where everyone could contribute. What "newbies" should understand is, quality is what matters in Steemit, not quantity. I get surprised sometimes when I see these newbies posting up to 10 posts a day. They think that by doing so they can get much rewards, I try to explain to them that the rewards system doesn't work that way.

I hope many of these Steemians see this post of yours, it does a marvellous job in explaining the need to communicate within and outside the platform, it is really important to do so.

Hello how are You?

Goof question asked. Perfect answer recieved. Steemit is a social community. Never come in with the mindset of 'whats in for me" come, have fun, explore, make friends just like you do on every social media platform. U5drzpj1QkSbZzZBv9M9kLi8ht4fduT.gif

sometimes the various roles actually give negative contribution in the form of gathering, deepening, counseling and the like to the "I". All that we will never realize if we never try to redefine the nature and existence of "I".

When I first got on here I was also thinking about having kids. I liked the idea that when I actually get Prego that I could start writing letters to my child via the blockchain. My mom died when I was in my early 20s and I always wished that she would have written down some advice for me somewhere. So I in turn hope that maybe when I am dead and buried my kids could still come to my feed and review my advice or words of love when they need it.

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I want to share with you.mister @damarth, because the need that I really need kan.karena my parents again sick.I live with my parents who are old and again ill, my mother has died since my childhood living with father I am now 80 years old. We are tiggal in the interior, living in poverty, now my parents are old and sick, I have to try to finance my parents, the cost of drugs. I do not want to be children who are not godly. in my steemit newcomer with all the shortcomings, I have to work hard, apologize already vent @damarth you are a very generous and kind person.

Steemit overcomes all the boundaries that exist between us and our countries. We don't need a visa to see new places or something new. We share our travels, impressions and skills. This is like another world that is constantly being improved as a result of communication between its "inhabitants". It all looks like utopia little bit and therefore becomes a question: How long will it last?


In theory forever as blockchain is immutable.


Would be awesome! 😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗